Register a leased car in MA, purchased from out state dealer


Does anyone have experience on register a leased car in MA, purchased the car from out state dealer? I just took a delivery of a BMW purchased from a GA dealer, the dealer only gave me a 45 day temp GA plate.

I check the required documents from mass gov web page, really confused:

The list:

  1. RMV-1 form with dealer EIN/FID and signature, also insurance company signature;
  2. Bill of sale (which I don’t have a copy, not sure if the lease agreement will work or not)
  3. A manufacturer’s certificate of origin;
  4. If you present the certificate of origin or the previous owner’s title, check for the following on the back:
  • The date sold
  • The odometer reading
  • The sale price
  • You and the dealer or the previous owner(s) must sign the back of either of these forms

Are these all I needed?
Thanks for any help!

@Bostoncarconcierge Maybe Mike can help you with this question.

Not quite accurate.
You need to work with the finance company

They will give you power of attorney and relevant info. You take info to rmv and they register it to the finance company

The car was not sold to you. You are just the agent registering it for the lease company.

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Temp tags are illegal/not valid in Massachusetts. You can’t drive that car in MA until it’s registered in MA.

Get a POA from your leasing company and bring all your paperwork to the DMV. Anything you don’t have copies of (eg Bill of Sale) get from dealership. If their checklist is asking for it, save yourself an extra trip and bring exactly what they are asking for.

Good luck.

Yes, I know the temp tag is not valid in MA, the car is garaged.
I just called BMWFS, they said they don’t have my infor for the new lease at this moment, and can’t help me until their system is updated. (Car was purchased last Friday)

MA rmv is appointment only, and only certain location handles car register, the earliest I can book is two weeks from today. It sucks having a 6MT M4 in garage and cant drive it on road.

Hopefully you got a better deal on it than was available locally for the inconvenience. Let us know how you make out at that appointment.

Is there a 3rd party service that will handle your MA registration? I know in NY there is a company that will handle registration for an additional small fee, $75 or something.

This is the dealer’s responsibility. I’ve run int 2 different ways they handle it. I’ve had a dealer send everything to BMWFS, they sent it back to me with a POA, and I went to the dmv to pick up my plate, and pay the fees for it.

Another dealer handled it through a 3rd party, and they handled everything. I eventually got my plate in the mail, with my reg. Each dealer does it different though, so it would be based on their store policy.

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No 3rd party at this point. Called the dealer, the sales advisor is not sure what is going on, he is checking with his finance manager.

It’s illegal for a Mass resident to own a car with temp tags in MA. Otherwise people drive in MA with temp tags all the time. And just until a few days ago a “friend” was driving his Tundra on PA temp tags with nary a worry.

Called the dealer, the sales advisor is trying to figure it out. Since they are a GA dealer, hardly any experience for MA registration. Our RMV form requires insurance company policy and signature, and dealer’s signature on the same form. Not sure how they are going to handle it.

How much did you pay per hour for the “friend?”

DocuSign would be an option if they use that.

Hopefully a ‘hacked’ rate :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t “own” it, BMW own it, and they are at Ohio. So, basically an Ohio corp allows me to use their car with a temp GA tag. It is just MA drivers are not allowed to drive a car with temp tags in MA.

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Covid special - everything was going for cheap. Friendship, love, honor, integrity …

Although Mr Vhooloos will disagree, I’ll speak from a technical standpoint.

The dealer should not have let the car leave their lot until it was registered in MA.

They needed to hire a service to have that completed. In order to execute, the contract needed to be signed. Then, it would have taken 1-2 weeks in a non-Covid environment.

The dealer needs to hire a service to take care of this, unless they overnight you the CO and POA.

Vhooloos-I know you risked it and used temps, but I’m speaking about the other 99%.

Jim R has posted info about a registry service his dealer has used to sell in MA. Maybe search that and suggest it to your sales rep.

I hate to say this next part, but I’m not sure your sales rep is going to be super helpful moving forward. I hope I’m wrong.

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That was what I thought, the dealer probably should take care of it before hand me the car. They seems just want to get the car off their lot, although I have already signed all the doc at that point. I will ask for all the docs myself since I have already made the appointment to the RMV.
I also almost made a deal through a broker here for a BMW in PA, he also suggested I took the car with temp tag (car ships to me) and register it myself. So it seems not an unusual practise at this covid period.

Before heading to the DMV, just make sure you have all of the necessary documents. Don’t just take the dealers word for it as they may be unfamiliar with the process. Do some research for a second opinion as well.

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Thanks for all the help!