"Regional MF Rates" on BMW Serivce Loaner Leases? Is this right?


I recently got an offer on a 2016 BMW X3 Service loaner. Here are the details I have so far:

MSRP: $51,250
Sales Price: $40,980
"Regional Rate" on MF: .00169

Vehicle has about ~11k miles.

After 7 MSD’s apparently this brings my total to 466/month after tax. Seems like a pretty meh deal, right? Since this is a service loaner, am I still entitled to the “normal” MF rate of .00136? I was hoping that I could get this down to about 400/month. Is this likely?


they are marking up the MF i believe base rate is .00136

It’s “regional” in the sense that your dealer or dealership group wants some extra profit. BMWFS does not mandate it or anything like that.

Haha nice definition of regional

I mean I could see them getting away with using that term if its the only BMW dealer in the area… otherwise it’s a straight-up lie.

yeah they are one of only 6 in the whole state, so I could see why they would try to get away with this. I will call them out and see what they say. Thanks for your help.

what region are you in?

Not sure what region I am in specifically, but I am in CO if that helps.

Regional rate is polite way of saying they’re marking it up without actually saying it

Also because it has a 11k miles you’re taking a big hit on the residual value.

for a 2017 BMW X3 xDrive28 with the same MSRP.

$468 + tax / $505 with tax @ 7.5% tax rate

Due at signing :
$3850 in MSD
$505 1st payment
registration fee
$80 doc fee

36 month / 10k miles per year


You can reach out to a Bimmerfest board sponsor in Cali if you dont mind having the car shipped. Greg Poland.


So I’m actually probably going to actually lease a new 2017 X3 from Pacific BMW (Greg Poland’s dealership) this week. Even if the dealer for the loaner X3 gave me the “real” base MF, it would still be a crappy deal.

Would you mind to share your deal with us here ?

I will share it once it is official! I will probably make a new post and put the link here.

From everything i hear, hes a great guy to work with. Hed be my guy if i was close to Cali.

Even if you aren’t close to Cali, and you don’t mind paying for transport from CA to your location after purchase, it can definitely be done from outside the state. This is an out of state deal for me as well.

Yeah i know but cars dont come equipped how we need here in Pittsburgh, xdrive and cold wthr pkg. And 1k for enclosed trailer is something i dont feel like spending.

glad you reached out to him and scored a deal.

If you need something equipped in a specific way and aren’t in a hurry, they can always custom order you a car, which is what they did for me. It can take some time but delivery is usually about 6 weeks after order. 1k is a pretty conservative estimate for closed trailer as well. I’m doing CA to CO and its gonna run about 500 bucks in an open trailer (all the protection stickers will be left on and all that).

We got our Bmw from a local guy here that our friends have used. When i calculate my lease offers, i always go for one in inventory or at port. I feel i get a better deal that way.

If I ask them to place an order for me, can I expect to get the vehicle in my state after 6 weeks? Or the factory delivers the vehicle to dealer in CA and then they have to ship it for me again ?