Regarding license plates


I leased a new car and just received my new number plates. But the number plates that I received has “Commercial” written on it. I had not applied for any commercial one. When I asked the dealer he replied they have sent the correct information and it could be issue of dmv. When I made an appointment when dmv to have it corrected they mentioned I would need a notarized letter from leasing company that I need to transfer the plates from commercial to regular one.

Now my question is what are the cons of having a commercial license plates. Does my insurance goes up, do I have to pay extra at tolls etc.

Would appreciate inputs.


It depends on the state, but you can’t drive on parkways or expressways in NY or NJ with commercial plates (save for expressways that are interstates like the LIE).

  1. Where are you located
  2. Is it worth it getting a Notary involved.
  3. How much is the cost to renew vs a normal plate?

First thing I would do is call my insurance company. Ask them what to do.

I am in NJ

Get the notarized letter and get this fixed.

What’s the point of debating pros and cons on the internet?

That’s what I am eventually going to do. But since getting an appointment at dmv is very difficult now days , where I am seeing at least a month waiting dates I thought of getting some inputs of what’s the issues I could face if I would be driving using these plates.

I feel like I can be totally wrong about this but you pay doc fees at a dealer for someone to do this for you. It is their job to get your plates and reg from the NJ DMV, the worst place if you ask me. Clearly there was an error either with the DMV, paperwork at the dealer, or the actual company that deals with this for the dealer so I would put it on them. Spending your time out of the day to deal with a mistake that you paid someone to do properly is something that I would be really pissed off about.


This. It’s the dealer’s responsibility to register the car (99.9999% of the time on a new car sale). Bug the dealer. The dealer will bug their expediter. Bug the F&I person if you need to. Remind them this is a regulated part of their obligation if they fob you off.

Thanks for the inputs. I will get hold of the dealer first.