Reduce Mileage Allowance due to COVID?

Hi there- I leased my Audi S4 back in November I love it. I used to drive a 40 mile round trip commute, and I went with a 15K miles lease.

Now due to COVID my commute went down to 2 mile roundtrip to the gym + maybe another 30-40 miles per weekend as I am working from home for the foreaseeable future (rest of 2020 and beyond) and my Car is pretty well under miles, it should have 10-12K already and it’s a little under 5K.

I know there are plenty of payment deferral options, which thankfully I don’t need, and even though I rarely use it, I still need a car, nonetheless I would love to reduce my allowance and save some bucks there, I know it is pretty much a long shot, but has anyone tried this? If so any recommendation before I call AFS?

thanks so much!

Set your expectations to 0.


lol… yeah I know its a very long shot :confused:

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I think it’d fall into the “unprecedented” category rather than just a long shot

Yea, not even worth the time to call. If modifying your terms mid-lease was such a thing you would have heard about it by now

You signed a contract agreeing to that mileage allowance. They’re not changing it plain and simple. Calling would be a complete waste of time

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Not gonna happen. But you CAN save a little money on your insurance. Call them and let them know how much you’ve reduced your driving. It should change your rate. Or switch to one of the newer mileage based insurance startups

Thank you all, yeah to be honest I had zero (or negative lol) expectations on this and wanted to ask here before waiting 1 hour on the phone to be told a solid no. Also I got a good deal on my lease (570+tax with 2.5 DAS on a 62K car) so I have no remorse… I truly enjoy it, just much less that I wanted to… my only remorse is being so conservative with the miles, 12K was enough and I went with 15K because I wanted to use it extensively (aka unnecessarily lol).

Re: Insurance I tried to change my policy, however Esurance is trying to charge me 10% cancellation fee (never having them again) to switch early, as soon as my policy ends I’m cancelling and switching, there are cheaper options out there. I tried a couple of months ago when It just renewed, and I should have a couple of months left

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What’s your payoff? Try Carvana and Vroom. Who knows you might have positive equity and be able to get out of your lease and get into something cheaper

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take three weeks and road trip the country with zero depreciation in a nice car


I’m around -8K now, probably a little less as I could technically cancel Audi Care that I havent even used once yet, but I don’t want to get out of it, I love my S4 so much and l I worked really hard for it, and I’ll keep it unless I can comfortably afford a GT3RS before maturity. That said I would get out of it for a benefit in a heartbit and probably get in another S4/5 lease with a lower payment, but that’s even more unlikely than AFS reducing my payments lol

I may end up doing that because my wife’s X3 is also really below miles as we’re working from home. I doubt she’ll let me do a long road trip on the S4, she keeps saying the suspension and transmission is too rough (busted- I only drive it on the sportiest setting)

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