Redesigned BMW 3-Series

Hi all, since the 3 series is being redesigned for 2019, does it stand to reason that the residual value for 2018 models will be lower?

The actual market value may be lower, but BMW might prop up RV in order to move them. It can work in an anti-common sense way.

@cheapdad00, very interesting. So, BMW might prop up current RV to incentivize leasers/buyers who would otherwise be waiting for the 2019 model? I almost decided to cross BMW from my list because of the refresh but could be lured back with a compelling RV. Thanks!

I haven’t tracked BMW 3 series, but 2017 BMW I3, which I think still has lease support, has residuals either the same or 1 point less than the 2018 model. The MB C and E class operate the same while there is lease support for the old model, RV is within a point between model years. [And for about 4 days in March, MB jacked up RV on 2017 C300 to something like 70/64 (24 and 36 months), until they saw too many $200 leases come through, then they fixed it].

@cheapdad00, how can I find RVs without asking someone on here? Do BMWs, MBs, and Audis tend to lease the same in terms of “leasing well” or “leasing poorly?”

Edmunds forums are the best resource for that information.

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@Sgtr275, do you have to just sift through the Edmunds forums or is the information centralized? I just checked and didn’t see any efficient way of doing it at first glance.

Its listed by model and year, separate threads for each.

Create an account and ask specifically what you want in the appropriate thread, e.g. 2018 MB C300 RWD. 24/10, 36/10 in zip xyz. They reply within hours during the week after the 3rd of the month.

Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.