Recommendations for 80 mi daily roundtrip commute

I currently live in Irvine and just started a new job in Carson/Torrance. I’m looking to replace my current 2012 Jetta GLI. I’ve gotten a $7000 appraisal from Carmax which I’m probably going to accept.

My options seem pretty limited at the moment due to the high annual mileage requirement,my preference for the HOV decal, and budget of $300 - 400/mo. I was considering the Ioniq Electric since they have unlimited miles and electricity reimbursement for $300 (Limited Trim) but they are like unicorns in terms of availability. I’m eligible for the Honda Clarity but have yet to test drive one, pricing is acceptable. I have charging and hydrogen stations near work and home.

Ultimately I will prefer a lease at the moment and wait for the Tesla 3 reviews. Any idea guys? Wait for the Ioniq and get a lower appraisal for my Jetta? Get the Clarity now?

A lease is not ideal for someone driving your high mileage.

Maybe someone else can offer insight

@omanko how about the CT200h ? You can prob get one in the mid $200s now with 15k mi and then you pay extra for the extra miles. Not sure how many miles or how much they cost extra but that’s prob your least expensive bet for a lease and it’s a hybrid with around 45 mi/gal on highway.

I’d just get the Clarity, i have never driven one although planing for the long time, it should give you what you need especially if you qualify for the CVRP rebate.

wow the Clarity waitlist is even more ridiculous. 8 - 10 months, 200 people…

i have the ct for a month now and its giving me above 50mpg, pleasant surprise.

Get a new job or move closer to your current work :slight_smile:

@conku we used to have one, i could never get more than 45mpg … maybe they made it more efficient, i think we had a 2013 or 2014 model.

i believe they made a lot of change in 2014 so the car ride and drive a lot better, i test drive 12/13/14 and you can tell the different, but i dont think it effect mpg. maybe its b/c my wife is VERY light foot, she dont go over 65 on freeway and never accelerate over 2k rpm :stuck_out_tongue:

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