Recommend Dealership / Salesperson for BMW Lease in San Diego County

Hello there. Can anyone recommend based on experience a BMW dealership in San Diego County, or sales person? Looking to lease soon. Thank you!

@BMW_Dave is in murrieta


Thank you.

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Ben Regis of BMW Encinitas.

Thank you.

Recently got a great deal on a BMW M340ix from @BMW_Dave he is very knowledgeable and made the process painless and quick.
He is very prompt emailing/texting and giving me updates.
So yeah if you are getting a BMW in California then Dave is the man.


After 3 or 4 separate attempts (new and CPO) over a matter of weeks I eventually gave up trying to accomplish anything with the dealer in El Cajon, if that helps.

They still have two 2018 740s sitting there, which should tell you something,

We deliver to San Diego


Thanks for the heads up. Coming from NJ, there seems to be, more often than not, shady dealers abound in So Cal no matter what brand. And they are more reluctant to discount generally too.

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BMW of Palm Springs has 2016 demo specials. This pretty much tells me that getting a deal there on a current year demo is mission impossible. I talked to one of the sales managers and he told that they wouldn’t discount much until the car gets very close to 5K miles.

BMW of San Diego is a shit show as well. Salesman marks up MF to max despite very good credit. :roll_eyes:

Larry Dodd of bmw Escondido was significantly cheaper than BMW Dave when I was looking

We actually sell a ton of cars to San Diego residents, would be happy to help anyone looking