Recommend any dealers in Texas?

Looking for a deal like the rest of us but it appears dealers are clueless here in Texas when it comes to leases…

Looking for an SUV and a sedan to lease…


Bump bump…Anyone ??

I agree, I’ve talked to almost every gmc dealer in dfw and they are quoting almost 200 more than everything I seen people on here and other lease sites get.

it’d be great if someone responds here, also looking

Worked with a vw dealer in round Rock that was willing to work with me. I

I have family who’ve leased from Sewell Cadillac and BMW of Dallas, though it’s been a few years. They were very impressed with the service at Sewell (had a specific configuration of a car shipped in from another dealer hundreds of miles away) and they did two leases through BMW of Dallas before moving out of the area.