Recent update to the California Clean Fuel Reward program

California just refreshed its Clean Fuel Reward program and now offers up to $1,500 off on the purchase / lease of eligible new EV vehicle. Only certain dealers participate in the program, but I suspect more will join this program soon.


Is this different than CVRP?

Yes, looks diff. Says it requires dealer participation and it is applied at the time-of-sale. Don’t see your dealership on the list :slight_smile:

And no income requirements :+1:

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Ugh. I leased a Bolt just this past weekend. Terrible timing for me I guess.

It’s part of the SCE rebate, so if you get it, you don’t get SCE
Though it’s $500 better than SCE but dang 1 whole Kia dealer on that list.

Do you know what this $1500 rebate is called and is it also from SCE? I only found the $1500 charge ready home installation rebate that was in its pilot phase back in 2019. Could make bolt mania 4.0 deals even better. :grinning:

New as of Tuesday!

SCE Program being retired next month:

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New rebate program is strictly better. $1500 instant rebate at point of sale. They do the paperwork for you.

I’m still very happy with my @ethanrs deal though. Only second guessing I’m doing is if I should have gone with more miles on the lease lol.


I believe if you choose the 1500, you cannot claim the SCE 1000.

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SCE ends in 2 months so I assume this is the replacement.

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Also have to go to approved dealer for this $1500.
But listed dealers aren’t all same as listed on CVAP, if want get both, will be very hard.

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