Recent update to the California Clean Fuel Reward program

California just refreshed its Clean Fuel Reward program and now offers up to $1,500 off on the purchase / lease of eligible new EV vehicle. Only certain dealers participate in the program, but I suspect more will join this program soon.


Is this different than CVRP?

Yes, looks diff. Says it requires dealer participation and it is applied at the time-of-sale. Don’t see your dealership on the list :slight_smile:

And no income requirements :+1:

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Ugh. I leased a Bolt just this past weekend. Terrible timing for me I guess.

It’s part of the SCE rebate, so if you get it, you don’t get SCE
Though it’s $500 better than SCE but dang 1 whole Kia dealer on that list.

Do you know what this $1500 rebate is called and is it also from SCE? I only found the $1500 charge ready home installation rebate that was in its pilot phase back in 2019. Could make bolt mania 4.0 deals even better. :grinning:

New as of Tuesday!

SCE Program being retired next month:

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New rebate program is strictly better. $1500 instant rebate at point of sale. They do the paperwork for you.

I’m still very happy with my @ethanrs deal though. Only second guessing I’m doing is if I should have gone with more miles on the lease lol.


I believe if you choose the 1500, you cannot claim the SCE 1000.

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SCE ends in 2 months so I assume this is the replacement.

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Also have to go to approved dealer for this $1500.
But listed dealers aren’t all same as listed on CVAP, if want get both, will be very hard.


Does anyone know if this applies to demos? And do dealers already include it in their pricing usually (I assume they would)?

According to the official website, “only ‘new’, not previously registered vehicles are eligible for the reward.” So if the demo had been registered, then it would not qualify. Dealers usually do include it in their pricing, but it never hurts to check, since the program is relatively new. I received one recent quote that did not include the discount.

Yes the CVRP is a State Rebate that you will need to apply for individually. There is a income cap, so please do a little more research to see if you qualify for the CVRP. As for the CCFR, it will automatically be applied to the vehicle at the dealership!

The Rebate will be determined by the vehicle’s battery capacity measured in Kilowatt-hours (kWh). Chevrolet Bolts will be getting a $750 Rebate!

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Great, but the question is… when will you have the 2022 Bolts ready for leasing?

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We are still waiting for the update regarding when we will be able to sell the 2022 Bolts, But text me and I will make sure to update you as soon as I get an update. :grinning:


Think I’m missing something. The website says $750 not $1500? Presume this will stack with cvrp?

This is so old it went down to 750 about 3 months ago.

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