Received check with registration?

I leased a vehicle 2 months ago and have been waiting on the registration to come in the mail. I’m at work but I have the USPS app to see scans of my mail before it arrives. I have an envelope from the dealer that clearly is a check in the front.

I’m guessing they charged me a little too much for the DMV fees and it’s a refund???

That is correct. They overestimated DMV fees and are giving you a refund

Wait, what?! There is a USPS app for previewing your mail?!

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Informed Delivery! It’s the best!


This needs to be posted to MailHackr.


Nah, it’s “This is what we will pay for your 2019 Honda XXX*
*This is not actual check”
Just wait until you get home


Maybe I’ll get a free lunch out of the deal lol

Have you considered the possibility of waiting to get home and checking your mail instead of wasting strangers time on the internet?


^^^^^^This^^^^^^Right here

Fun fact:

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Thanks bub.

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