Received $1,000 Jaguar lease incentive from Chase

Anyone else receive this? Wondering if I can sell/trade this offer for someone else’s advantage? The offer says it can be combined with other Jaguar offers.


As a Chase customer, you’re invited to finance or lease a new Jaguar vehicle through Jaguar Financial Group* by March 31, and Jaguar will pay your first monthly payment, up to $1,000.

The Impeccable Timing Sales Event is happening now, and it’s the ideal moment to finally experience Jaguar performance for yourself. With this exclusive offer on select Jaguar vehicles, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the vehicle you’ve wanted all year.

Print this email with your personal offer code and redeem it at your local Jaguar Retailer by March 31, 2017.

This exclusive offer applies to the new 2016 XJ and the new 2017 XE, XF, XJ, F-TYPE and F-PACE, and may be combined with other offers courtesy of Jaguar."


Nice deal thanks for posting. Are you leasing any vehicles through chase?

Hello, This is great. How did you receive this? Mail, email or from a banker?

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I have never leased any vehicle from Chase.

Received an email with a unique offer code.

Do you bank with Chase?? Unlikely for them to send this out if the blue :astonished:

I have personal and business accounts, and credit cards. No auto lending relationship though!

Tiltle is a bit misleading. The fine print says it covers the first month payment, up to $1000.

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Possibly better than the $430 lease in January!?!?

@WBL can you post a SS of the email (no personal info). I bank with chase, have cards and have a car with them. No such email so far!

Sure, here is a screenshot of the email (before it lists my unique code). The email came from Chase.

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I have a Chase code if you’d like to try it.

While I got a killer deal on the car, some things (namely the abundance of fake leather) make me want to go back and really find a S model instead, even if it was a bit more. So I stress this - I know we’re all trying to get a great deal - make sure you’re happy with the amenities before committing, even if it is an awesome deal.

UPDATE: I asked a Jaguar dealer if we can use the Jaguar incentive on the crazy lease deals for the F-TYPE (US Bank). Emphasis added in BOLD

Response paster from sales manager email:

"Unfortunately, you can’t use it on the F-TYPE deal as it’s not being leased through Jaguar Financial/Chase, it’s going through US Bank.

Otherwise, you most certainly could."

Also regarding the $2,000 rebate they added this month I asked about that too:

“Yes, they added a $2,000 rebate, however took away an incentive, so it pretty much looks the same.”

Now you’re talking. Sub 400 f-type, yes please!!! Combine 2k jag with 1k chase offer woohoo!!!

It looks like I’m somehow targeted to receive auto offers from Chase. Chase sent me another email today, this time for Mazda.

"As a valued Chase customer, Mazda is offering you an exclusive opportunity to save $750 when you purchase or lease a new 2016 or 2017 Mazda CX-9 through Mazda Capital Services by May 31, 2017.

Mazda will provide either 1) $750 toward the purchase or lease of a new 2016 or new 2017 Mazda CX-9 vehicle through MCS or 2) $500 toward the purchase or lease of any other new 2017 Mazda vehicle through MCS. New loans and leases subject to credit approval by Chase. Not all products are available in all states. Additional terms and conditions apply. Special Chase Customer Offer is from Mazda. New vehicle must be financed or leased through MCS. This special Chase Customer Offer can be combined with Mazda’s other public offers (visit for details), but cannot be combined with any other private incentives. Offer expires May 31, 2017.

Limit one discount per customer, per vehicle. The offer is transferable within the customer’s household (buyer must live at the same address). No cash value. Apply the Reward offer to the purchase structure, or as a capital cost reduction for leases. See participating dealer for complete details. "

Hi @WBL,

I am trying to find this promo code for the $750 Mazda CX-9. I was wondering if you intend on purchasing/leasing the CX-9 using this code? If not, I would kindly ask if I could use this code. I am a current Chase customer. Thanks.

Another member already used my Mazda code, sorry.

@WBL Thanks for your prompt response.

Do we still have this incentive from Chase?