Reasonable dealer discount for Grand Cherokee 4xe


I’m in Kansas City. Wondering what a reasonable dealer discount is for a 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe (base). Here’s the deal I’m working on with a few local dealers… one has 9 (!) 2022’s in stock with like 15 2023’s, so I would expect them to be a bit more eager to make a deal, but just curious what you experts think. Should this deal be achievable in the current climate?


Lease Term: 24 months / 10k miles/yr
MSRP: $63,655
Sale Price: $59,000 ($4,655 dealer discount - 7.3%)
Rebates: $10,500 ($7,500 Federal EV + $2,000 Bonus Cash + $1,000 Jeep Bonus Cash Allowance)
MF: .00061
Residual: 60%
Acquisition Fee: $595 (capitalized)
Dealer Fee: $500 (capitalized)

Capitalized Cost: $50,095 ($48,500 + $595 acq + $500 dealer fee)
Monthly payment: $579 ($529 before 9.5% tax)
Due at signing: $579 (first month)

Incentives are not taxed in KS, to my understanding.

My 2 cents - KC is a bad market to buy. Never saw any aggressive pricing except for the Tacos from Molle.

You can get 8 under invoice from DC Metro or 5% under from STL.

Hey that Molle Taco thing was me! haha. I miss my $124 truck.

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I went in there a few weeks before they did the $2k firesale and they were quoting me weird numbers from US Bank. Back of napkin math didn’t add up and finance team couldn’t figure out why payment was so high even though the residual was also very high lol.


Don’t know much about KS general market but you can probably push for 10% off MSRP closer to end of the month.

Right now, the dealer with 9 2022’s left is at 1.8% off :roll_eyes:

I guess I could wait to see what April incentives bring, or like you said see if they become more motivated at the end of the month. Entirely possible the $7500 federal EV vanishes too, but the dealer should know that as well.

End of March is also end of the quarter for businesses. They are more willing to deal. Shoot them an email again in 2 weeks to ask if the JGC is still available. If you are afraid the $7500 tax credit will go away in April then try to secure the vehicle this month.

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There is no reason to expect it to on a lease.

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