Reason Chevy deals are so cheap!

A possible reason there is so much cash back and incentives on GM vehicles. If GM has this much inventory on hand, I foresee many more great lease deals available in the near future just to get rid of inventory.

I’m not sure why we haven’t been flooded with 24/10 Canyon deals yet with the 82% RV – good time to need a truck!

If you can get 10% off MSRP, your entire depreciation cost is 8% of MSRP for 24 months. Then just add the non-so-good MF (approx 4-5% APR) + tax and still will be under $150/mo

The 82% RV is only on the work truck model. The LT and Z71 are lower by a few %.

Bankcruptcy coming soon to gm etc lol. They seemed to have not learned their lesson in 2008

Might not be bankruptcy, but the way they seem to be giving their cars away with all of the rebates they offer, bonus tags etc… either the cars are very cheap to produce to still make a profit on $59 per month leases or I might not want to own the stock once they report earnings for the quarter.
Forget Mortgage Hackr, perhaps there needs to be a Auto Stock Hackr, the more low cost leases achieved on this site the better chance the stock price will go lower. Lol.

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The cost to the manufacturer is probably about 1/3 if you include operating expenses per unit. If you see the true-cost per item without operating expenses at a one off view its probably about 10% of the MSRP. They get rid of all these profits by R&D, re-investments, depreciation, hiding money in Ireland, fat executive expense plans and bonuses.

GM isn’t going anywhere fast as a whole, and if it even buckled a little bit, the US government would bail them out no matter which party is in power. All the above is unsubstantiated opinion and should not be used as fake news.