Realistic MSRP discount Q5e $7500 PHEV - $4000 customer credit - Costco -- Stack & timing?


Staring to shop Audi Q5e. Current PHEV lease ending July 31

I’ve seen posts with Costco deal added (early May) and I’ve seen the prenegotiated deal offered here ($7500 lease credit).

Also found this post Deal check - 2024 Audi Q5e Premium Plus where the lease credit and discount amounted to a good deal.

I tried to apply the same % discount (before $7500) and arrive a target.
Here is the calculator

Am I doing this wrong by expecting 13% off MSRP ($9000) then having the $7500?
I see Audi corp also has $4000 incentive… Might Costco have another program that can be added like in early May? Do all these stack at some point? Plus buying at quarter end in June? Heard inventory is increasing (form podcasts/cox site).

Spoke to a broker and a dealer so far and haven’t seen deals that I am hoping for.

So lots of questions above… here is the rundown:

  1. Do incentives stack? $7500 EV, $4000 Manuf, Costco (if avail)
  2. Is 13% off of MSRP (before incentives) realistic
  3. End of June (Quarter end) a good target date or wait til end of July? (would end of quarter discount offset buying one month early)

Spending lots of time here learning it all. thanks in advance!

No experience with this model, but this seems like an overly optimistic objective. Wait for more input.

7% off MSRP prior to incentives is fairly easily attainable.

How was that a good deal?

I agree it wasn’t a good deal… but it was 13% off MSRP before rebate… Or I think it was?

Using current 36/10, current MF and RV (.00167 MF and 55% residual from Edmunds site)
The deal is not bad with MSD for a ~70k car with full MSD (the link I posted calculator)

You cannot judge a deal just simply based on payment relative to MSRP. That thing is ancient and obsolete and needs to be on a massive fire sale with huge discounts and huge rebates.

Thanks max_g… This adds more to the notion that I should wait as long as possible to get the best deal. I am not going to miss anything by waiting. Discount form MSRP seems to be the biggest factor that can move right now as the $7500 is baked in everywhere. Still not sure if they will stack incentives

I agree the car is not the latest and greatest. It was between the Q5e and BMW X3 (both older platforms). The X3 drives better (feels sportier) the Q5 felt more solid. It will be my wife’s DD.

7-8% off MSRP would be aggressive on a Q5e. The $4k credit would only apply if you go with outside financing or standard (higher) rates.

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Thank you Donny.
So the 4k and 7.5k can never go together, correct?

Audi leases kind of went south after March 31st. Turned in my 2021 Audi and just waiting to see what June brings. You can extend your AFS lease for upto 6 months on a month by month term.

Thanks everyone on this thread and this site… I am learning a ton.

Just updating here:
Looks like June MF improved - RV the same
For my zip code - MF 0.00160 55%RV for 10/36

Audi corp has a program where they make first payment. That is new!

I am 6 weeks out from the our other lease ending, so I can be aggressive.
Seems like 13% off MSRP before lease credit is a big stretch.
Today I am shooting for 10%. The prenegotiated deals are 9%.
Many of the brokers are posting 9% deals too.
But the model I am looking for will be higher MSRP.

I’ve been tracking inventory using CarEdge and not seeing them move too fast.