Real problem with Carfax, don't know where to turn

I found out recently that my Colorado has an issue with the Carfax. I found this out once ALGo refused to even talk to me about it. I purchased my Colorado new on 2016 and has never been in an accident or any other issues.
ALGO informed me that it has been flagged with a bad Title?

I went to there website and filled out a claim for correction, but have heard nothing! Basically my trucks value has been greatly reduced by no fault of my own. I don’t know of a phone number for these guys.
Any ideas?

How long has it been since you have reached out to Carfax? Do they have any social media platforms? Write on their “wall” “page” etc.

It’s been 3 weeks now, with nothing… Good idea I’ll check a few places

Carfax is just showing what the DMV is reporting. Are you in physical possession of your title? Does it have any brands or a proper odometer section?

I think you should start by contacting the Brunswick, OH Motor Vehicle Department and ask them why your title is being reported as EML. The record shows it as “owner reported” so my guess is whoever filed the title paperwork for your truck checked the exceed limit box on your odometer statement. If this was the case then your physical title would match this. If your physical title does not match, then it’s a pretty obvious clerical error.

Once the DMV agrees it was a clerical error, they update their systems and then Carfax can refresh to remove the record.


Unfortunately no I do not have the title yet, it’s not paid in full. Another issue I have, I do not actually have the full Carfax report. Only a screenshot at this point. I already called my original dealership and asked if they would pull the full report and they never responded. I’m guessing I would need to show up and demand something before they actually do something for a 4 year old customer.
Perhaps I’ll walk my paperwork I do have into the DMV, or rather the clerk of courts. That’s what really handle the title work here in OHIO.

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Again, the problem really isn’t carfax, the problem was with the way your title was filed with motor vehicles. At some point you will most likely need, at a least a copy, of the physical title. I would start by calling your bank and asking them to send you a scan or copy of the title. If the title has no brands and a proper odometer disclosure, then you take that to your DMV/clerk as evidence they made a clerical error when filing the title. This is your best case

If the title is actually branded, you have a much bigger screw-up to resolve. You will probably still need to goto DMV/clerk but tell them a mistake was made at the time the title was filed (many years ago). You may need to get an affidavit/notarized statement from the dealer acknowledging they made a mistake and that the odometer does function properly.

If your car has a 6 digit odometer which it most certainly does, this should be resolved as a clerical error upon initial titling. Exceeds mechanical limits is really intended for 5 digit odos 99,999 rolling to 00,001. The issue now is, it will take time, resolving DMV issues can be glacial, never mind adding in 2020.

Autocheck also reports a title problem so definitely check with your DMV.

And Pay for the original carfax! why are you waiting for the ‘dealers’ copy?

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What :point_up_2: said… pay the $40 and know for sure. The dealership doesn’t owe the carfax to you, unless you know someone there. Otherwise all you have are partial screenshots that don’t serve any purpose.

Are you the second owner of this car? Why would an EML be reported at time of filing unless the seller was trying to screw you?

Definitely try to figure it out from the DMV perspective. Then tackle car fax, just don’t do it in the reverse order.

Follow up on this issue. It took some time but I ended up paying my truck off in full. I could afford it and figured I would need the title in had to resolve the issue.
I tried several times to reach out to Carfax and received nothing in return. It took my bank (US Bank) almost a month to process the payoff and let me know the lien was lifted. They didn’t even send me a title, but rather just released the lien. So I stopped into the Clerk of courts back in Brunswick Ohio (which was not necessary I could have used my local Clerk) and explained my issue, and that I need a copy of the title anyway.
She looked it up, and sure enough, it showed “Exceeds Mech…” on the title. After the explanations, she was able to resolve the issue. The title now shows “Actual”. In this process she asked “Do you have the original memorandum?”, well yes I do. And sure enough, right there on the memorandum had 4 miles and “Exceeds… bla bla” checked. I had the information the whole time and never saw it. But it was corrected. She offered to send Carfax a fax of the title and explanation.
A week later I finally received an email from Carfax that the issue was resolved, and that a note was added to explain the inconsistency in the reports notes. They offered me a free copy (finally!) so I printed it for my records.
This whole process has been frustrating with carfax, mainly because they have NO CONTACT NUMBER! and they would not return emails.

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