Reading LH lately feels like the end of the world is coming

A lot of recent posts have been about the “end” of the car industry. It is a terrible thing to wish such a fate on anyone and an entire industry. Let’s not forget about all those small businesses/workers/families/children been affected by this pandemic.

Anyone with access to a computer and internet can “troll” the forum, bragging about scoring a deal of a lifetime on a loser sale. Instead of worrying about folks who are losing their jobs and small business owners who are been devastated by this, YOU come here on a forum that has helped people like me, with your doom and gloom.

Free speech comes at a price.

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Are you saying we should be relentlessly optimistic about cornovirus? Im not really sure what you are getting at in this post. We should not discuss cornovirus/act like it doesn’t exist?

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Of course not. You are free to discuss any car-related matters you want. However, there have been several topics on the coronavirus. I am not sure if another discussion about how the pandemic will affect the car industry will be of any help.

Another coronavirus topic about how many coronavirus topics we have.