Re-Lease / 2nd Lease on a previously leased or owned car?

Hi Hackrs! Long-time lurker, first-time caller. Does anyone know if new/used dealerships or finance companies will ever do a 2nd lease contract on a car. I found the car I like for sale at $15,000 less than MSRP with only 5000 miles on it at a Lexus Dealership. As a purchase, it’s out of my monthly car payment budget, but if I were to lease it, it would seem to be more within the budget, and I prefer leasing overall compared to purchasing. Thoughts?

Leases on used cars tend to be more expensive than on new cars due to lack of incentives, low residual values, non-subvened mf, etc.

Probably a waste of time trying to reinvent the wheel.

Advertised prices that include retail rebates
Used cars that don’t qualify for new lease programs
Etc etc.

Most cars do not lease well. This is truer now than it has ever been.

So unless you are willing to spend a lot of time spinning your wheels, you need to look at other makes/models that lease better and offer more value per dollar.

Check out the “Share a Deal” and “Marketplace” sections of LH forums to see what’s leasing well and narrow down your search.

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