Rav4 Hybrid "Nationwide" Offer

I feel like I’m missing something. The nationwide offer for the LE is 219 with 3000 DAS. My local Toyota dealership said they would allow me to just evenly divide the 3000 and do nothing upfront, bringing the cost to $302 per month for 36 months (10K miles).

Isn’t $302 still very good for a car who’s MSRP is 29K? Other than taxes and DMV fees, are there other fees I don’t see? I’ve found a few other dealerships who said they could get as low as 340 including taxes with nothing DAS, which seems similar to the nationwide deal.


Nationwide offers often aren’t particularly good deals.

To determine if $302 for that vehicle is a good deal, you’ll want to get the pertinent lease details and work through some calculations. There isn’t some magic number for a specific MSRP that represents a good deal.

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You’re missing a lot, starting with the fact that this is a terrible strategy. Look around the forum and tell me how many threads you see where people are aiming for the OEM’s National offer


I agree, that’s why I am asking this here. I’m wondering why the national offer is on par with offers I’ve seen here, and I’m assuming there are hidden costs that aren’t listed. Thank you for any advice.

National offers are almost always excluding taxes and fees.

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What does the mouseprint below the offer say?

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What are the offers you’ve seen here?

For this year, the only ones listed are the nation wide deal actually. A broker in DC had a few available, but now the price isn’t listed as they ran out of inventory.

Why do you ask?

Because you literally just said the National offer was the same as the ones here.

So either

A. you’ve found a broker who can’t beat the national offer

B. You are comparing apples to oranges because you didn’t read all the fine print

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I realize the offer I saw on here was also the nationwide offer. My mistake. I’ll get a lease sheet from the few dealerships I have spoken to and post it here. Thanks

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Supply and demand


I was looking for rav4 prime and was told that they are being sold at a premium . It’s difficult to score a deal on rav4

There are barely any RAV4 Prime out on dealerships, Cargurus says there’s only 56 of them nationwide. I’d say in a year of two there will be plenty more inventory, only then will dealers get competitive.

Regarding initial OP’s question: I’m looking for a RAV4 or RAV4 Hybrid myself, for purchase most likely though. Just keep reading around, there’s a lot to learn. I don’t appreciate how unwelcoming other people were though. They could be a lot nicer.

I agree, every time I read someone who is probably new coming on here and posting to learn more people are very negative. Most people aren’t lease experts which is why they come here to get more informed.

@NightyNight Yes when you get on Toyota’s brand web site and see local offers they are regional. For instance here in New England will be for Maine, Mass, NH, Vermont and RI. Since each state will have different tax rates, sales tax is not included. If you read the tiny print below it breaks down what is and what is not included. Typically your state’s plates cost and the individual dealer’s documentation charge which will vary is what’s missing. Some dealers may throw on other fees as well but you should avoid the ones doing that.

So really it’s more like $3-4,000 due at signing. In my experience the brand offers are a fair deal for both customer and dealer. Certainly discounted but if you’re looking for better you can probably find a dealer in your area that gets more aggressive. Rav4 hybrid isn’t as mass produced as gas model so may not see as deep a discount as someone above put it “supply and demand”.

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Thank you for your response! I actually negotiated a 315 a month, 10K miles, 36 month lease offer near me. 1000 DAS with taxes and fees already rolled in (except the DMV fee). It seems like a good deal from what I’ve seen

I don’t really agree here. I’ve never seen people here be anything but nice, positive, and helpful to people that show up expressing that they have an interest in learning and demonstrating that they’ve put in even the smallest amount of effort to help themselves. The people that get the cold shoulder are the ones that come asking to be spoonfed everything, demonstrate that not only have they not put in any effort but that they’re also not willing to, and want others to spend more time working on their deal than they’re willing to.

The difference seems to be that some people approach this site as if it’s google rather than as if it’s a resource to learn from.

Entitled to your opinion and yes sure people could do more research before posting a deal and asking for advice but I’ve def seen a lot of posts where people just jump on what they don’t know or shit on them because they don’t have some unicorn deal.