Rav4 Hybrid, AWD 2018

Hi guys, first post so im nervous) Taking this car for a testdrive on Sunday, what should I for as far as numbers, coming of a lease top notch credit, 15 K and an AWD with sunroof is all I want!) Thanks in advance!

Have you searched the forum to see what others have paid in the past? Have you looked at what a good discount off of MSRP is? Do you know the incentives, MF, and residual? We don’t do the work for you. You need to put in legwork, and based on the fact you’ve been a part of the forum since September and have read posts for 10 hours, you should know that posts like yours are useless and vague.


I can help you out with special pricing. If you aren’t in my area it will at least help you get an idea of what to try for. :slight_smile: