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Looking to lease a Lexus RZ450e to turn around and buy the car (with cash) after signing, to get the 15k lease cash. Dealer said $15k off + $8954 discount (MSRP 67,265.00 + $1398 of BS addons I don’t want).

However, I’m trying to figure out a) what these “Total Inceptions” are, and b) whether this is a good deal to buyout the lease. Seems like some smoke and mirrors going on here. I know the money factor is high, but since I’m buying it out it shouldn’t matter? Unfortunately this quote has a 2k down, and I would only do $0 down.

I basically want to know roughly what to right the check for to Lexus Financial after driving off. I believe I’ll pay tax on top of whatever number that is to the California DMV.

Here’s a approximate calc for you, check the residual and tax rate. There is no down payment, down payment is actually -1080 like your deal sheet. $2000 is drive off.

Oh yes, sorry, $2k drive off - I’m so rusty at leasing after the pandemic! Would my payoff from Lexus Financial likely be around the $46585 Net Cap Cost? Not sure if I could glean that number from the calculator, given I plan on buying it out within a month or so of purchase, instead of paying the MF for the duration of the lease.

I would think so but there are other threads that center around this whole topic, you might want to search for that and I think some hackers bought out his/her RZ recently.

From the calculator I don’t see anything fishy except the addons but the deal sheet seems pretty transparent.


Thanks, yeah I remembered that other thread after I made my post here. Glad to see it’s still on the same RZ topic :slight_smile:

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Here is the deal I got from a Lexus dealer in CA on a RZ Luxury with MSRP $67,265. It looks like roughly $1398 in BS addons I don’t want, then 9k off + 15k rebate with 2k down (unfortunately I didn’t get numbers for 0 down).

What should the payoff be from Lexus Financial, the Net Cap Cost number?

Yes, it should be close (slightly less) than the Net Cap Cost number.

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Why is the sales tax under cap cost almost $3,800? That’s tax on about $40,000 depending on your local rate. You’re in CA, right? The sales tax amount below of about $1400 is correct based on 15K on taxable incentives.

And what are 'total inceptions" of 3,081?

Yes, am in CA, about 8.5% sales tax. Not sure what “total inceptions” are either, or if this was the dealer clawing back some of the discount they give you another way. I will ask tomorrow, but wasn’t sure if anyone on here was familiar with this to give a read either way on if this is a dealer slight of hand, or ok / normal.

I wish Longo wasn’t out of these in the color I wanted, we’d have gone with them since I know they’re good people.

@bsf1 Ok, so that tax of about 3800 seems to be total on all future payments and then it’s irrelevant. Definitely need to know what they include in inceptions.

Bigger questions: do you need or want Luxury vs Premium and is it the best discount you can get with or without addons?

If you’re planning to buy out, offer them to mark up the MF in exchange for a bigger discount and no addons.

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Thanks for the tax info and suggestion, I’ll run that by them tomorrow. I want Luxury for Mark Levinson, the dimming sunroof, and a few other things like dual pane glass.

I already built a calculator for your other post. There is no sleight of hand if your DAS and monthly checks out.

The total inception is drive off, since dealer set drive off to $2000, therefore -1081 down payment.

Actually seems to be off by about $300. I tweaked the calcs just a bit and came up with about 1700 DAS. The cap cost of 60504 is also off by about the same amount: MSRP less discount plus addons plus acq fee plus 1081 equals 60187. Am I missing anything here?

Right, but where did that 3081 come from?

It got cut off, 3081 inception to make 2000 drive off, down payment become -1081.

Actually don’t you want to put a big down payment if you want to buy it out? I made the calculator to show @bsf1 that the deal sheet seems correct, I don’t know enough about the buyout to give an opinion.

The buyout should be about 46,1xx-46,2xx within a month. No reason to put more down.

What I’m questioning here is what’s included in $3,081 as it seems they bury $300-350 of something else in there. Add acq fee plus tax on 15K plus govt fees and I’m at about $2,7xx. What am I missing?

Missing $259, not sure :man_shrugging:

The buyout won’t include any sales tax other than for the incentives and first month’s payment right? I still have to pay DMV sales tax on the ~$46,500 buyout and register it myself?

Correct. Or here’s a plan B since you want Luxury Rz in silver. Save about $2500 for 4000 miles on the clock but gain 2 more years of CPO warranty. Sitting on the lot for 65 days, so there might be more room for negotiation.


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