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Hello hackers,

Just got this offer yesterday from my local dealer for a Jeep GC Limited with Luxury Group Options. Thoughts if this is a good deal for my region or is there room for lower monthly and less upfront costs?

  • 445 per month with 4000 upfront (titles, fees, taxes and I believe they are rolling the remaining 6 months of my current GC Laredo lease which is about ~2000 left, however they wont actually confirm this)
  • MSRP of $46,335 and $7000 off which includes all relative incentives and salesman said he cannot lower the net price anymore

You should be at another 2000 off. I can’t understand anything that is on that sheet however.

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What’s the hurry? These Jeep’s aren’t going to get more expensive in 6 months.

deal posted this month
2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4
1). Conquest Monthly Payment: $383 + tax
2). Loyalty Monthly Payment: $383 + tax
3). General Pricing Monthly Payment: $397 + tax
Drive-Off Amount: First payment & plate fee
Annual Mileage:10k (add $10 for 12k miles, $30 for 15k miles)
Rebates: $3500 (can add conquest, loyalty, EP or FFP/AR) (Conquest and Loyalty are the same this month)
Region:Michigan, Ohio and Indiana
Bank: Chrysler Capital

My first time negotiating an offer so i forgot to request for a full breakdown. Basically the particular he quoted me was 46k MSRP and discounted it 7k that includes incentives. His final offer was 445 w/ 4k upfront.

Probably not but no harm in getting a sense of what the market is looking like.

I’d hold off, no reason to roll $2k into the deal unless you were over miles on your current lease

so the deal your being offered can be a bit misleading depending on what bank you are seeking to work with unless you dont care I can get you a better deal somewhere along the lines of 8-11k off. let me know if you are interested however you should know that the luxury 2 package is not that common right now ( I am in NYC ) a lot of people are considering the Limited X or Overland trim level which comes standard most of the time with 20" wheels

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