Rate this deal: 2019 Toyota CH-R XLE $306/month

MSRP: $25254
Selling: $24118
Monthly: $306 (local 10.3% tax included)
Rebate: $500 (not sure if do I need to pay tax on this or not)
MF: 0.00001 (after 7 MSD)
MSD: $2275

36 month, 12k miles per year

Region: Seattle, WA

easily fails the 1% test I know…

Looking at that same car. $306 a month seems very expensive for a 25k car. I know, and I am not sure how the etiquette works here, there is guy down here in orange county, california that can definitely beat that (in a good way).

the local tax is killing the deal… without the tax is around $278

I’m in Florida. My local Toyota dealer has the 2019 CHR for $264 a month for 36/12k with first month payment covered by the dealer and $0 down with drive off. I test drove it and while I did love the tech in the car the pickup noise is awful and the thing doesn’t have great pickup. Went with the 2019 camry se instead for $285 a month, $0 down with drive off and first month payment covered by dealer.