Rate this 2020 X5 sDrive 40i (M Sport, Convenience Package)

Just closed a lease deal on 5/31 for a loaner special 2020 X5 sDrive40i M Package, details below. New to this forum, having trouble figuring out how to input first two months free special into the calculation. Let me know your thoughts, thanks

  1. 36 months/10K miles
  2. 65,645 MSRP
  3. 57,460 Initial Gross Capitalized Cost
  4. 3501 Demo Car Mileage
  5. 1800 DAS
  6. 4900 MSD (7 months)
  7. 622.60 monthly+tax (First two months free)

Discount is on the low side for a loaner. Did you get buy rate MF preMSDs?

You can apply the two month credit as an untaxed incentive in the calculator

Is this accurate in terms of length? Never seen a 32 month lease before

Apologies its 36 months lease typical 3 year

Typo, its a typical 36 month lease