Rate this 2019 AMG C 43 Sedan Quote, Please

Msrp $58,845

Dealer discount $6,768

Selling price $52,077

Residual value = 60% = $35,307

Money factor = .00134

ACQ fee = $795 (Holy sh*t, a non-marked up acq fee in SoCal???)

Doc fee = $80

36 months

7500 miles per year

$1389 drive off due at signing includes first payment and license fee

$606 plus tax = $653 total monthly payment including 7.75% tax rate


36 months

7500 miles per year

$8,322 total due at signing of which 10 are MSD and equals $7,000. Remainder is drive off

$544 plus tax = $586 total monthly payment including 7.75% tax rate

Money factor lowers by 70 points if you put 10 MSD down so .00064

18 or 19? 202020

D’oh! My :bat:

There are no 2018’s left in these parts, I don’t think.

I threw your details together in the calc, fees don’t really matter in terms of how it spits out the monthly -

You’re basically at 10% off before the $1k incentive, with no mark ups as you noted so its a pretty fair deal out of the gate for a brand new model. I would push a bit more, see if you can do 12% before incentives and if you’re ready to pull the trigger, I’d show them you’re serious.

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Question: Do you lose the MSD’s if the car is totaled? Someone told me that, but I have never verified it.

You don’t. 202020

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Your insurance company pays the bank if the car is totaled. Once the bank is paid for the car, they have no reason to keep your deposits.

They keep them if you return a car with damage.

If you think you’ll damage the car or want out early, then don’t do MSD. It limits your pool of lease-taker-overers later.

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I appreciate the info. Thanks!

I have to ask but is this … fully loaded?

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It’s almost stripped. Performance exhaust, AMG Night Package, navigation pre-wiring, Burmester sound.

That’s it. Base price is $55,250

The exhaust is key the rest is fluff!


It’s the only must-have. I don’t mind a good stereo or a pano sunroof; but I gots to have the farty exhaust.

'19 c43 is a beautiful car. I’m just sad they moved away from the diamond grille in MY19. Maybe they want to differ from all the c300’s and follow the c63 route.

Seems a couple cues are being handed down from the big AMG to the 43’s.

(Tries not to ignite debate on “real” AMG cars)

No lighting package? :thinking:

Here’s the list:

521 521 AMG Night Package: Front Splitter Trim Strip and Front Louver $300
P55 AMG Night Package
L6J AMG Performance Steering Wheel in Nappa
RSJ 18" AMG 5-Spoke Wheels
R02 All-Season Tires
U78 AMG Performance Exhaust System $1,250
Y05 Red Seat Belts
218 Rearview Camera
234 Blind Spot Assist
26U Remote Start
273 Control Code
355 SD-Card Navigation Pre-wiring $200
367 Live Traffic
6P5 Factory Code
737 Natural Grain Black Ash Wood Center Console
739 Brushed Aluminum Door Trim
810 Burmester® Surround Sound System $850
873 Heated Front Seats
99B Steering Code
SUBTOTAL $57,850
TOTAL $58,845

Not a bad discount on a refreshed new vehicle. Any way you’d qualify for fleet? Also, you definitely want to put down MSD if possible

I get fleet from PenFed, failing that, my better half partner in crime works at JnJ, so yes to fleet, please.

A C43 with halogens is sinful.


You should be able to get $1750 with that. If there’s dealer cash available for the C43, it won’t stack, so you’ll have to convince them to apply it on top of the dealer discount