Rate the deal for 2017 540i

I am getting the below deal on 2017 BMW 540i

MSRP: 66170
SP: 59700 (2500 off the Invoice)
Rebates: 2500 (Loyalty+VPP) so a total of 5000
MF : .00151 RV : 61
$675 Inclusive of taxes and drive off

Please can you rate it

What are loyalty and VPP? Assume those are subtracted after MSRP? How much are taxes? $675 is pretty close to meeting 1% rule. These cars sometimes go for 15% off before rebates so that would be my SP target.

15 % before rebates, i cant see one such deal. I have been talking to so many dealers :frowning:
BreakUp of rebates:

1500 off invoice
1000 VPP
2000 Loyalty
500 Lease Incentive

Looks like your selling price is on the high end according to NADAguides.

With a $2000 military incentive, Nadaguide says that the lowest is 56895 and highest is 61365. MSRP 65295

You can also PM me for a BMW certificate



My effective SP with the $2500(BMW loyalty+lease incentive) becomes: $57200.

I can try to push for an additional $500 off but i dont think he will go below that :frowning:

What is the BMW certificate?

Take his numbers to another dealer then come back. PM me about the certificate

I have tried about 5 dealers but none can match :frowning:

What does NADAguides say about the pricing in your area? @thecaguy

I configured the car that i am getting with the options, nadaguides gives the price as 59682 as the lowest without incentive.

If you are ok with the numbers then pull the trigger. It looks like it makes sense but I’m too lazy to do the math for you. But if you are like me and think that it’s overpriced, wait.

BMW’s MF sucks right now so unless you’re over your miles or really need the car now, they might drop it down later this year.


The money factor is huge but then the issue is i wont get the $2000 loyalty :frowning:

can you show me where they are 15% off?

Dont give wrong information please. 15% for a 540i??? what are you smoking?? please show 1 deal at that level. you are misguiding readers.

honestly, this is not a bad deal. bmws have stopped leasing well. So if you want one, be ready to overpay compared to Merc. E300 has some good lease deals if you are under a budget. Did you check out the brokers in the forum? i got deal of $710 for a 71k car with 2700 drive off in June.

he’s smoking…

Would you kindly share which dealer I can get $2500 below invoice? I assume you are in CA. I’m looking for a deal on 530e. Thanks.

my deal was total discount of 19% for new 535D but that was THREE years ago

I agree these days bmw deals are mediocre at best along with high MF and no mds. Expect to pay high as cheap bmws are no more.

but isn’t 2018 540 complete redesign? would it be too much to expect 12%-15% off before rebates/incentives on outdated 2017?

I have a feeling towards end of the year the discount will be higher and maybe hit 15% or more with leftover inventories

MY 2017 was the completely new redesign.

oh was it 2017 model redesigned? I thought it was 2018 my bad

This is a bogus deal. OP can you show an actual screen shot of the breakdown from a dealer computer?