Rate my deal: 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie

This deal is set to close in the next couple days.

MSRP: $64,985
Sell Price: $57,685
Incentives: $8509.76
Miles: 10,000
DAS: 1,300 (1st month, License and Title)

27 months: $532

36 months: $522

39 months: $505

Selling price before incentives? Need RV and MF. Also, what’s with the odd incentive amount?

The sell price before incentives is the $57,685

Sale Price: 57685
Tax: 1257.62
Acquisition fee: 695
Gross Cap Cost: 59637.62
Rebates: 8509.76
Adjusted cap cost $50,661.66 (final cost after everything)

Residual is 64% MF is around 0.0311(they did not list actual MF)

Hi Mark, the MF you posted is likely wrong. Do you mean 3.11%? You really need the dealer to be upfront with the MF in this case.

It appears the dealer is using a different lender than FCA. I’m assuming your 64% residual is for the 27 month term.

They are using Ally bank to get a extra rebate. The Residual is 64% for 36 and 39 and the rate 7.250%. I got the 0.0311 MF by entering it in the calculator until it was close to the 7.250%.

The rates also show up in Ally banks website. I went there to confirm.

Your MF is 0.00302 (forgot a zero) if 7.25%. So assuming first month and tags, you’re rolling the acq fee into the payment. It looks okay on the calculator. Only way to reduce the payment would be a better selling price.

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Do you have breakdown of $8500 incentives ? I’m trying to buy one currently, and cant get to that in incentives.

Big chunk of it is going to be IDL cash for using ally instead of fca as the bank. It was also 6 months ago, so incentives will be different anyway.

You might want to look at my response on Ally lease turn ins in a recent thread before lying down with that dog.

They are unscrupulous.