Rate my Deal - 2020 BMW X4


North Carolina, I am shopping for an X4 to replace an X1. Lease is ending in October.

Option 1 - Loaner - MSRP $57,295, Discounts $7,200, Rebates $2000. Dealer has some baked in fees/accessories which I am trying to get rid of: Tint $349.95, Nitro $49.95, ELO Security (no idea what it is) $398.95. No license/reg fees showed on this proposal. DAS $750, 36 mo at $749, 10k miles.

Remaining payments $2410.00 (but it should be 2,206.56)

Option 2 - Executive Demo - MSRP 55,945.00
Discount 7,757.00
Rebate 2,000.00

PermaPlate 399.00
Kahu 3 Year Enhanced 399.00

Total Purchase 49,192.56
License/registration 207.00
Doc Fee 799.00
Tax 79.41
Non Tax Fees 925.00
Remaining payments $2,206.56

Lots of baked fees/accessories that I don’t want and won’t pay. This is in Atlanta, 3.5 hours away.

36 Months @ $647 DAS $647.

Option 3 - Brand new, less equipped than the above

MSRP 53,145
Discount 4,179
Rebate 2,000

Admin fee $699
Tax $80.97
Non-tax fees $121
Net Price $47,866.97
DAS $741, 36 mo at $741, 10k miles.

Remaining payments $2410.00 (but it should be 2,206.56)

I am trying to find out if any of these dealers are doing pull ahead. As far as I can see only NY dealers are doing it. The baked fees/accessories are not going to fly. I am trying to get them down on the money factor to 0.00118, the dealer in Atlanta said they can do it, but they are not barging on their baked fees. The other two haven’t responded yet.

The residual should be 57% but nobody disclosed. Is that something they can adjust to make a deal more attractive to them?

The dealer on the Option 1 said that the Option 2 is a great deal and will try to beat it. It is a local dealer here.

Elo is like LoJack, useless GPS tracking.

Dealers can go F themselves with all those useless accessories that they price into vehicles. The deal I just worked on had an additional $1k for running boards (even though they’re listed on the sticker at $745), and a $1k “Package” for Nitrogen-Filled Tires and Window Tint… It’s not all dealers, but seems like most. One in Miami had a $700 GPS accessory, $400 Etching, and $300 “Appearance” protection on ALL their cars. Complete cash grab.

So wait til October


There is nothing in either of those deals that justifies getting out of your current lease early

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Yup they’re all doing them. They roll your remaining lease payments into the new contract.

There is no such thing as “dealer” pull ahead. Your lease is owned by BMWFS not the dealer. And BMWFS is not doing pull ahead.

Leasing isn’t black magic. You don’t need to post every you get. Aim for X% off MSRP at X MF with no dealer adds. It’s that simple. Payment is an output of the variables not an input. You have lots of learning to do from now until October.

What’s the rush to get into a $700+ payment for an X4?

The extra fees aren’t what’s killing this deal. I understand you don’t want to pay for that stuff but omitting them doesn’t suddenly save you a huge sum of money on the payment. It’s the “pull ahead” and not base money factor or near it that is costing a lot of money here. I’m with @max_g…October or close to it could be more advantageous with it being end of model year.

You paying more finance charges on top of what you have/are paying for the “pull ahead”. Unless it’s a manufacturers pull ahead, dealers are just rolling it back into your new deal and hiding the numbers.

Residuals are fixed by the lessor (i.e. BMWFS). Dealers cannot mess with it. If they make a mistake, the deal’s rejected and everyone loses.

True…dealer making money on that “pull ahead” interest.

The dealer really isn’t making much on it, unless they also mark up the mf. But it’s still coming out of your pocket