Rate Findr - Alternate ways to view incentives?

I was thinking about rate findr this morning and wondering if there was a way to slice the data in a different way to help find potential deals. I feel like I spend my time waiting for others to find things and see if I can replicate, while trying to build something from scratch is more of a needle in a haystack to find the right combo of incentives, term, trim, in the right location.

Would it be possible to add a feature where you enter your zip and it pulls back all the incentives across all brands/models/trims and shows you in descending order where the highest incentives are in your location, along with the applicable term/mi?

Something like -
ZIP: 30022

Genesis GV70 EV - Advance - $17,000 (36/10)
Kia EV9 - Wind - $9000 (24/10)
Kia EV9 - Land - $8300 (24/10)

I feel like having something like this to view at the start of the month will help target potential deals.


The Edmunds forums work this way: 2024 Kia EV9 Lease Deals, Incentives, Rebates, and Prices — Car Forums at Edmunds.com

But it’s a manual process where the moderators respond back with the numbers. They’re very responsive but it’d be nice if it were automated in some way.

Well - not exactly though. You still need to ask about a specific car via the thread for that car. I would like to see something not tied to a brand/model, where I can just search my zip and find all the incentives across all brands/cars and sort by the highest discounts.


10k cash back on a 30k car means a lot more than 10k on a 100k car.

Also there are things like military college etc or incentives that don’t stack so ranking by a total cash back seems irrelevant

Understood, but I wouldn’t expect a complete picture, nor to even be able to use it to estimate the price. I see this more of a stepping stone to help guide people in potential directions to look. Right now it feels like a shot in the dark until someone posts a deal they found. In my example above, I wasn’t even considering an Electrified GV70 until someone posted a deal they put together showing the lease cash had been bumped to 17k.

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