Ranger rover quote dealer sent me

You are correct, that is a dealer quote.


Will stipulate you are Chris Santiago and that is your email address. Our best to Danielle your sales person.


Amazing, comes with vin etching and everything.


You’re “prince Santiago” so money is no object.


All above are funny, but in reality that is a shitty deal - You should be getting 10-12k off, specially in this market.

You know Jason that Range Rovers are not discounted as much as the Audi’s and BMW’s of the world. You would be lucky to find 5-7 % off on these. Some full size even go at MSRP’s. Agreed that OP does not have a great of a deal, but RR owners are loyal to the brand and have that disposable income to spend on the vehicle.


Where did you pull that discount from? Not happening in the RR world.

OP don’t put cash down. Try and get another $1k off sticker, see if they’ll budge on the MF and get rid of VIN etching. That’s about as “good” as you’re going to get.

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I have the cash and only an idiot would pay full MSRP for a RR. They might have the worst depreciation of any SUV on the market. But hey - If you want to pay full MSRP for a mid-market RR model, it’s your money and the dealer will probably treat you very well !

I also have some oil drilling stocks and a couple retail stocks I am willing to sell you at January 2020 prices…

By the way: Depreciation is defined as someone else’s profit…

Curious to hear OP’s thoughts…

On an Evoque or Discovery? Probably. A Velar? Depends where in MY. A RR Defender/Sport/Big Boy? Pretty common 0-low single digits.

I have no doubt you dropped the $50k for RR to ensure your color combo (interior/exterior) is unique in 50 miles. Everyone gets it.

Wow, you aced the Accounting and Finance final exams all at once! Someone else’s profit. That’s exactly what depreciation means. :cookie:

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I have a demo at a higher msrp for a much lower price if interested!


Just because the market is slow now doesn’t mean dealers will sell at a loss. Especially RR. 10 to 12k off??? Seems awfully ambitious.