Range Rover Velar NJ Deals

I am in the market for Velar P250 R Dynamics deal in the New Jersey Area. I don’t see any year end deals nor the dealer is interested in sending a quote. They want you to go to the dealership to work on Numbers. Has anyone gotten a fair deal in Central/South jersey area?

Thanks again for any information.

I think someone a few months ago God a nice deal on a loaner from Monmouth

I got a nice p250 r dynamic loaner from Monmouth. Ask for Justin Toth.

Can you share the deal you got or message me. I live in Monmouth County but couldn’t find any decent deals in NJ

Yea so I got a 67k p250 r dynamic loaner for 54k I believe. Monthly came out to $599/36 months and 10k miles per year. The car had like 6k miles. I know though the r dynamic seem hard to come by for loaners…

Thank you. I hope you’re enjoying your car.

Dj Thank you. I will reach out to Justin. It is becoming very hard to find Velar r dynamics and a dealer that will even work with you online. They all want you to come in to the dealership to talk numbers.