Range Rover Velar Loaner offer

Hello hackers, I got the below numbers from a dealership for a loaner velar S. is this a good deal?

MSRP: 65644
Selling Price : 54900
fees: 198
Doc fee: 699
adjusted cap cost : 56358.84
DAS: 1000
monthly: 641.02
MF: 0.0017
Residual: 62%

doesn’t look too bad considering msrp to monthly payment… I’d say 620 would be a great deal yours looks to be good… check swapalease and see what people are leasing for normally thats on the higher end so scale properly

No checking swapalease as JLR leases are not transferable unless both parties live in CT.

Not for transfer, to see what kind of deals other people are getting