Range Rover Velar Lease Quotes



Range Rover Velar, Service Loaner
36/12,000 miles a year


I received the following quote from a local Land Rover dealership on a Range Rover Velar Service Loaner. I am not sure which trim it is however I do know the following:

Quote attached

  • 2018 Range Rover Velar
  • Service loaner
  • Currently has 3,500 miles on it
  • $3,000 down payment
  • $803.06 per month including local tax
  • The rep mentioned that the monthly payment would be about $35 less per month for a 10k mile/year lease

Any feedback would be appreciated.


You should touch base with @Bostoncarconcierge…I see you’re in AZ based on post history but even after factoring in shipping he may be able to save you money


Thats really strange-Are you sure this isnt a 2019?


I just checked and it’s definitely a 2018.



Lease programs on 18s aren’t happening out here.

Either way, here is a cooler car, for the same price essentially, even with shipping included, it’s less than $1000 more!


I thought it was odd as well for a 2018.


Respectfully I think it’s accurate. No 18 leases


Confirming no 18 leases on Velars.

MFs improved for the 19 Velars, but the residual dropped 4 points. 57% at 10K to 53%.

For all of those folks hoping for better Velar programs this month…we’re not in luck.


Appreciate the update.


If you’re in CA I can anihilate that deal on a new P250 SE R-Dynamic. Run away.


This is the latest quote I received on a new 2019 Land Rover Velar P250. I personally spoke with the GM and he said that this quote is “better than employee pricing”. I’ve grown tired of the dishonesty with dealers.


Yea hard pass, especially if this is for a base. @Bostoncarconcierge has way better deals.


There aren’t currently any employee Velar pins :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you’re close to Cali I’ll work with you. :+1:


Anyone care to provide some commentary on what exactly I should be asking for - in terms of discounts - from the dealer?


Go with an SE and not an S
Higher MSRP but better lease
Should be .00001 MF etc…

Way too much $$ for a low MSRP

Where are you located? And why not let someone help?


Bostoncarconceirge helped me get a Velar for 20% off. The payment was almost $200 less per month and my list was $67K. Spend a little save a lot.


The most you’ll typically see on a new Velar (at least in my market) is about 2,000-2,500 back of invoice.


Hey currently in my market for a velar. Anyone know a broker that works in MD? I appreciate it.


@Bostoncarconcierge he will hook you up