Range Rover Sport, SoCAl

My wife is dead set on a Range Rover Sport, in Socal. I know the MF and residuals are terrible but does anybody have them? Any incentives at all on the regular or diesel version? Somebody mentioned demos that can be leased - where would I find these types of deals?

The Range Rovers don’t lease well, specially the Sport so you won’t find a lot of discussion here.

Here are some numbers from August

2016 Range Rover Spor SE

36 Mo / 10k
.00110 / 60%

39 Mo / 10k
.00116 / 59%

-1% for 12k
-3% for 15k

Hope that helps!

Anthony @ DSR Leasing

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My suggestion to you is to get a new wife instead :slight_smile:


Leased a new, 2016 $80K MSRP Range Rover Sport Diesel for $5K drive off and $619/month ($668 including tax/month). 10K miles/year, 33 months. Residual was 62% and it was discounted down to $70K. 2016 model. Not bad for a range rover! (not good relative to other cars but for a Range Rover it works).


Do you know what the $5k drive off went towards? Cap cost reduction I assume?

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I’ve told a few land rover customers the same, trade in value is probably better than the LR too . :slight_smile:

Hey can’t remember if I answered or not. Mission Viejo Range Rover - they are owned by a group called Hornburg in SoCal. The actual Hornburg website is where they post the lease specials in mid-late November. Once the 2018s start rolling in is when they give mildly OK lease specials. They still aren’t great but better than any other time of the year for Range Rovers. To be blunt - Range Rovers are awesome vehicles but are not good for maintenance. Ours has had a ton of issues. I actually love the vehicle but am glad I am leasing vs owning. I would never want to own a Range Rover as you would get eaten alive on maintenance. Even better the Range Rover deals in SoCal aren’t open to do any maintenance or service on the weekends. Yes, you read that right. I called the Newport Beach dealer for warranty work and their answer was that 7 weeks was their earliest appointment. My wife had a Lexus before that and it never had any issues. Our Range Rover is a maintenance hog. But it is an awesome vehicle. When it works.

That is so extremely helpful. I have heard the same from other owners of Range Rovers about having lots of issues. No weekend work isn’t a big deal but do they give you a rental car or loaner car while they are working on yours?

And I will keep an eye out in November for the lease specials on 2017’s!