Range Rover sport question


Hi question for everyone I’m looking at buying a Range Rover sport for my sister 105k sticker, she lives in WA and I’m going to trade in her old car worth 15k, and so I get the tax credit there. Question is if most people lease or buy these the mf is insane on a lease. And more importantly what’s a good deal for a sport

$15k trade saves her $1k. Mute move. RR are a business lease cars.

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Yeah, most people are leasing these things to lower their 40% tax bracket. Still doesn’t quite make sense to me spending $2000+ a month to lease this car to save maybe $700 in taxes a month. I like to think that every dollar I spend equates to $8 less in my retirement account when I retire. So $11,000 a month, still, is a hefty price to be giving Land Rover to save giving Uncle Sam some cash.

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Lease or get extended warranty

I think Land Rovers may be the only brand that leases worse than a Porsche.

I had a 2016 RR Sport and on the LR forums most of us had purchased, but I agree a business lease write-off is ideal, although I don’t qualify for that.

I paid $90k in 2015 and when I traded it in 2020 with 89,000 miles I got $35,000 value. Loved that car didn’t give me any real issues. Depreciation was not horrible, about $1,000 a month. Certainly cheaper than a personal lease would have been.

Market-wise I’d expect MSRP. There does seem to be some inventory floating around (unlike the full size) so you might get lucky to get a hair off.

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I think someone did post a recent deal here for $4500 off MSRP on an in stock unit. I think it was on the west coast.

Ending up buying the Range Rover sport got 6500 off sticker thought it was a good enough deal to pull the trigger


How was the reliability that people claim is bad? Maybe in the future, I’ll look around and see if there is a good RR lease in South FL.

Wow they are discounting that much? Interesting. Too bad not in the market.

Reliability was fine. Had a few minor issues:
-Oxygen sensor was bad 1000 miles in so CEL on, easy warranty fix
-Rear differential leaked at like 70,000 miles (saw puddle on garage floor), fixed under extended warranty but would have cost $900
-Airbag light would occasionally come on from passenger side but fix was not worth the cost and I figured out how to make it go away.

As long as a car does not strand me I’m willing to deal with the minor things here and there. I’ve heard the horror stories of others but I’d be willing to get another LR product.

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We’ve had some threw the years and they have their issues but they are nice cars, and ya it was a good deal from what I’ve seen and it was a weird color my sister liked the green/blue on tan which is part of the reason for the deal. If it lasts her 5 years with the kids I’ll call it worth the money. I extended the warranty in case she wants to keep it and that is prorated back if we don’t so it was worth the peace of mind