Range Rover Sport HSE 2021 NJ

I have been offered a lease deal of a Range Rover sport HSE silver. Should i take it?

Range Rover Sport HSE 2021 MHEV
33 / 10
MF: .00068 (Edmunds has .00068)
RR: 61. (Edmunds 61)

MSRP: 82850.
Discount: 2071.25
Sale price: 80778 (2.5% off MSRP)

Doc Fee :599
Acq Fee : 895

Cap Taxes : 2298.07

Gross Cap Cost : 80,778.75

Cap cost reduction/
Cash Down : 3310
Net Cap Cost : 83076.17

Monthly payment: 1,076

Due at signing: $3310 ($1076 + $2234) (1st month payment, taxes,fees, )

What are your thoughts? What are the “Cap Taxes” being charged?

Is the rebate being itemized out separately? You’re saying the gross cap, which is equal to the sales price, includes the tax credit. By tax credit, I presume you mean the factory incentive that’s equivalent to the phev tax credit amount. That would suggest that your 2.5% off MSRP number is post-incentive, not pre, making this very high. Is that correct?

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Thank you for your reply. I have re-ordered my initial post as layed out in the quote. I dont understand what the “Cap Tax” is. (first time leasing!)

Do you have a deal sheet you can share with us? This hasn’t really cleared up the question at hand regarding the incentives.

The cap taxes are likely the sales tax on the lease.

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To confirm, this is on the plug in hybrid version?

Mild hybrid. Phev starts at 83

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Ah, I didn’t realize they did a non-phev hybrid.

I’d think the phev may still be worth it for the extra incentives/more aggressive selling price. At least worth pricing out.

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Ive driven both and do not like the feel of the PHEV unfortunately. Does the offer seem okay?

It’s not particularly common to see more than a few k off of MSRP at buy rate on a non-phev full size RR. I’ll let others chime in as well, but I don’t know that I’d expect much improvement.

It appears that he has already confirmed rv/mf with edmunds…


My fault, just woke up from a nap.

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It’s not a full-size, though, it’s a Sport.

“Cap taxes” = very likely shorthand for capitalized taxes. Since they are due upfront in NJ, the bank pays them upfront for you and rolls it into your payments. Therefore you pay rent charge on it.

The main part of it is sales tax @ 6.625% of the total lease cost.

There is also a surcharge (on vehicles above a $45,000 selling price) @ 0.4% of the selling price.

Man, I’m just missing everything today

Happens to all of us