Ram 1500 Ecodiesel SLT

Happy New Year everyone, looking to get a good deal to close the year, I was looking for a Big Horn but they are hard to find (btw) I’m in TN. This is what the dealer offered me. Thank you for your help in advance.

Oh wow don’t sign that. I don’t know the TN market, but that’s really poor.

We’re getting them $100 less
/month for trucks that are $7K more in New England.

Money factor is also very high.

First, that’s very high.
Second, I thought they discontinued the lease support for the 18’s?
If this is the truck you want, use the new body style as leverage to get a much lower selling rate. I could buy (not lease) a brand new 2018 Laramie diesel in Northern California for around $34k. Lots of dealers have them left here and are pushing for sales price, not leasing.

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Yeah they had a Laramie msrp 54k. 42k after rebates, yeah I’m new to the state so I don’t know how popular these trucks are up here. CA prices sound beautiful lol

I’d push for around $45kish? I’m not sure what’s fair, of a sales price before incentives.

Do you need a truck today?

I’d shoot for a 19 Laramie and take your time.

This week lol. I want a ecodiesel I don’t think I can afford a 19 ecodiesel.

Ahhhh ok

Forgive me as I haven’t priced out EcoDiesels

I just hate to see you or anyone pay so much more for a significantly less expensive and optioned truck

The other thing is I hate chrome most ecodiesel Rams have that ugly chrome appearance so the big problem here is finding one with what they call monotone paint which makes the numbers the same color as the rest of the vehicle

Oooh no worries I’m definitely no over paying for a vehicle if it’s not in my range I don’t need it lol. I’ll take all The advice I can get. I’m coming a market where everything is overpriced (Hawaii)

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So basically since the 19 are already hitting the lots I won’t be able to get a good deal on a 18 ?

I agree that now is the time to BUY an EcoDeisel!

I was looking around Black Fridayish at them and they had some in the Utah that stickered around 54K they were selling for just under 40K (advertised price before any negotiation).

I would buy one with the OEM extended warranty bought online (that engine scares me a little) and still have a payment much smaller than a lease payment.

If you are heck bent on leasing, I agree, wait for the 19’s and get a newer, new style truck for the same price as your quote.

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It doesn’t have to be a lease I just figured new models coming out and everything lower prices more rebates but I forgot about new models coming in. I thought since ram is yet to announce 2019 ecodiesel i would’ve been easy to lease even with 2019s our but I might just end up financing I just have to find the right deal. Unfortunately for me I live in a military town so dealers think we are fkn rich and want to over price everything. I’m new to the state to so browsing for a deal it’s a bit hard for me and it doesn’t help that the inventory is pretty low

so then expand your search, it is worth driving up to 150 miles for a much better deal, any more and it becomes better to ship it unless you like long road trips.

Yeah I’ll definitely will do that I’ve been looking on car gurus and cars.com but I’ll definitely expand my search. Hopefully I can catch a good deal on a 18.

'19 Ecodiesels won’t be out till later this year.

If you are set on '18 Ecodiesel, shoot for another $10K dealer discount.

They are seriously de-valued now that the new redesigned '19 are out.

And find out which bank is doing the lease - the MF is way high - in the Audi range.

any particular reason other than fuel economy for the ecodiesel? diesels in half tons are a bit of a gimmick to me, they usually tow and have less power than the gas engines.

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Longevity, looking at it as a long term vehicle, future towing and yes definitely the gas mileage since I will be taking roadt trips to FL, TX etc. From TN btw.

Even tho I think the Hemi has more towing capacity than the Ecodiesel. Lol good question man you really got me thinking now lol I guess is more of a preference now and money (4K ecodiesel engine )

if you’re buying be wary of how new these turbo diesels are in the half tons, no idea of what issues/concerns in the engines but usually first gen/year productions for anything new has its share of hiccups. We looked at the new 3.0 turbodiesel for the f150s but at the end of the day you lose 100 or so horsepower and another 50-60 lb ft of torque causing loss in towing capacity. In all honesty I would go with a new 19, the 18 bodystyle and interior is dated and the new 19s have a lot of convenience features for long distance hauls like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, etc etc.