Quote check new 2020 BMW X5 36/15

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I already know that the quote is terribad. Can’t make the calculator show the same numbers as the quote

This is for 36/15, it’s 5.5% off of MSRP including the 1k corporate program discount, so even less without it. Dealer said that they can’t combine corporate with conquest.

MSRP 66545
Selling price 62883
Discount 2662 (this appears to be what the dealer kicks in)
Corporate Program 1000
MF 0.00118
RV 53%

Where do I negotiate this with then? As for a higher discount than the 2662?

We have an amazing Texas broker who will annihilate this. @IAC has a post with much cheaper ones in TX.

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Awful discount.

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Much much more discount

4%. Haven’t ran it against the rate either but I’d just assume it’s marked up.

At minimum I’d be asking for another $4,000 in discount.

Yikes, we can do a lot better than that.

The X5 doesn’t lease well due to the lack of incentives, low residual (doesn’t help that you’re at 15k – 53% residual), and the Texas taxes.

Feel free to reach out.

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