Quick tip for GM owners with Michelin Premier LTX tires

My Acadia came with these stock and I’m almost down to the wear bars after just under 25,000 miles. They are rated at 60,000 miles. I brought the car to the dealer for new tires (Using the buypower card and GM rewards for rebates, etc) and it turns out that GM is aware of how much these tires suck. They are covering 66% of the cost of the tires and all of the labor. Out the door they are gonna be about 350 for a full new set of Continentals (Could have got the Michelins again but they suck and cost more), and about 400 total with Road Hazard. I’m redeeming two 100 dollar GM rewards service vouchers, and the rest of the bill I’m gonna put on my Buypower card. From there you can apply up to $250.00 per year of your Buypower earnings on services and accessories from a GM dealer. So basically I’m getting free tires! GM is offering a 200 dollar rebate currently if you buy a new set of tires from a dealer using the card too. I was told that this wouldn’t qualify for it, but I’m still going to submit the form and see what happens.


Couldnt agree more. We had a 2018 Acadia Denali and the tires were horrendous. They bubbled 3 times in one year. Never happened to us previously.


I got a nail in one, and when I went to get it plugged the shop told me that they weren’t sure if the plug would hold because I was below 2/32nds. I couldn’t believe it.

All told I was 421 out the door with road hazard added. Two 100 dollar GM rewards vouchers made it 221 and redeeming points for a statement credit on my Buypower card will make the entire deal ZERO. Tirehackr worthy? :stuck_out_tongue:

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