Questions on 2020 Mini Cooper Hardtop 2D dealer offer

If anyone has a moment to check out this dealer offer and make a few recommendations/answer a few questions, we’d really appreciate it.

Question 1: Can the aftermarket fee be waived?
Question 2: Is the dealer keeping the $1,000 incentive to lower the cost, not applying to total working cash. Correct? If so, will shifting this to working cash get
Question 3: Dealer sa

  • MSRP:$27,660
  • Selling Price: $24,150
  • Adjusted cap costs: $24,808
  • $345 monthly w/ tax
  • MF: .00177 (acq. fee waived), based rate is .00127 but raised .0005 for acq. fee waiver
  • RV: 58%
  • Total Working Cash: $800
  • Customer Cash down: 500
  • Mini incentive: $1,000
  • Rebate: $300
    - After market: $649 (Seems like fee that can be waived/opted out. This was increased from $150 on his previous offer)

No go on the after markets, did you double check the MF and incentives on Edmunds?

What’s the chicken scratch about miles all about?

The thousand dollar incentive is part of the discount, so taking that out, they are at ~10% off prior incentives

Gotta back out the $1000 to figure the percent, @volvo1 so almost 11, not 12%

“2 X 180 = 360.” Quick maths. @joeblogs This a clear attempt to show that this guy knows the numbers.

Have you calculated whether it makes more sense to wave the acquisition fee with increased MF or not?

As far as discount goes, 12.6% before incentives sounds good. You could try to get a bit better of a discount, but I doubt there is much left.

Take this out.

What is the extra $300 DAS include (I see the $500 down payment, but I am not sure what makes up the rest of the “Working Cash”

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For the marked up MF? Nevertheless, @ChefD definitely has some more negotiating to do.

On the sales price, if there is a $1000 incentive, they have baked it into the price

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I find it quite humorous that OP earlier made a “worse deal“ post for a 2017 Mini that was effectively $367/mo and this quote OP is asking about now also comes out to be $367/mo.


If you have USAA (or PenFed?), you get a little something there too. Love the MINI, but buying it seems to be the way to go. Lease numbers have always been tough with it.

Thanks @volvo1

  • Hear you on the aftermarket fee, thanks a lot!

  • Confirmed the MF from the Edmunds forum .00127, when we waive the acq. fee and go to the higher mf, the LH score increases in the calc.

  • The chicken scratch at the bottom refers to the previous lease he’s buying out. the 2 months of payments at $180/mo. + the extra mileage charge.

  • The $800 in total working cash appears to come from the $300 rebate and the $500 customer cash

  • Dealer mentioned his discount before incentives is approx. 9%

@Jon Yeah thats a bad look eh? Fair to mention that last deal still had 3k worth of trade in from a previous car, 5k miles annually, and 5.6k out the door.

That said, still a noob trying to learn. I’ll pull that down :+1:

Thanks @Kctham18

I have USAA, but this mini lease is for a roommate and she does not. But good to know! I’ll keep that in mind next time around.

Thanks @joeblogs

So my counter to that would be to have that added to “total working cash?”

This the roommate that got reamed on the 5k lease? For all that is holy, if she wants a mini, finance it at this cost. I doubt it will be worse, 3 year cost of 13ishk? 5 year cost or max 27k + maintenance? She paid sticker by my math on the last lease, so this time around, use MSDs, shoot for double digit % off, and pray? Also post them, we can only moan about it after signing.


Hard to believe they don’t have much more room to negotiate, but agreed. At this price buying likely makes more sense, but still want to come up with a counter offer.

Put in the calculator and compare the MF marked up to waive the acq fee vs doing the acq fee. Post it

Lease calc. w/ MF Markup to waive
Lease calc. w/ acq fee

Having trouble matching their exact numbers. But here’s a look at a close comparison.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a new mini, get a used one. The depreciation on these things is unreal.

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@joeblogs @volvo1

Any recommendations on a counter offer to get these payments lower?

Assuming that asking them to remove the aftermarket, shift the 1k incentive to the working cash so they’re not keeping that discount, and asking for a bigger discount. Getting lease payments under 300/mo for a 24k car should be doable, no?

Is this for another 5K lease? If so, maybe look into finding a depreciated CPO Mini instead. 2017 and 2018 models with 15,000 miles or less are being listed for under $15,000 right now. You should be able to get that cheaper with some negotiation and have years of warranty left.

Yes remove the aftermarket BS, there’s no shifting of anything, the $1000 is taken off the price, which is what you want, it’s not taxed that way. Other than the aftermarket crap I doubt they’ll discount much more. They are at almost 11% pre incentive, you could always make them an offer like $300 and I’ll sign today, but I doubt they’ll do it.

Hey @joeblogs appreciate the quick response/guidance on this one.