Questions Answered by Your Lease Agreement

There are a lot of questions that get posted on LH whose answers are spelled out in the lease agreement you signed before you took possession of the car.

While the actual lease language is going to vary by lessor, this thread is for common questions and the answers that are found in various lease agreements.

Please post similar examples from other lease agreements, and be sure to identify the lessor.

I’ll start with three common questions that are answered in my BMWFS lease, and add others if/when they arise.

With any meaningful participation this thread may be difficult to keep organized, but at least we can link newer members to the correct answer by pasting a link to the appropriate post in this thread.

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My [cousin, midwife, father, dog groomer] has [low/no income, bad credit]. Can I lease a car and give it to him/her to drive?

[BMWFS] “I agree not to… allow any third party, other than my spouse, to operate the Vehicle without written permission from you.”

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Isn’t every [vehicle brand] dealer in the US required to take my [vehicle brand] car back?

[BMWFS] “Vehicle Return… If I do not purchase the Vehicle, I agree to return it to the place you specify.”

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Am I required to have the car serviced at a dealer?

[BMWFS] “I agree to maintain, service, repair, and recondition the Vehicle during Lease Term with new and genuine BMW manufacturer’s original equipment replacement parts as recommended in the Vehicle owner’s manual. I will keep complete maintenance records and return them with the Vehicle.”

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