Question Regarding DMV Fees IN NY


I want to transfer Registration/Plates to a brand new Leased Car. Going from a Chevy Volt to BMW i3. How much should it cost exactly for NY?

I want to walk into the dealer prepared.


No need for this. If they charge you an estimate and it was too high, you’ll get a refund check for the difference in the mail in 30 days. HUGE fines for overcharging (and keeping the difference) on registration. No franchise dealer does it… they’ll be shut down.

Unless you have vanity plates, you are typically not transfer the plates as they are technically the property of the financing company. There is no cost savings or anything so not worth asking.

Registration should be a few hundred bucks and as someone earlier mention, you will get charged actual cost. Doc fee in NY is fix at $95 too.

In NY the car is always registered to the purchaser/lessee and not the financial institution so it is the norm to transfer registration regardless of personalized plates or not. Across the water in NJ for leases, you would do new plates as there, it is registered to the financial institution.