Question regarding acquisition fee


I have a question regarding acquisition fee, I always thought it is included in MSRP and final negotiated price, why do dealers charge this explicitly when we lease, however, when we try to buy they don’t include it?

It usually runs around ~$700 to ~$1000 depending on the car

Maybe you are confusing destination fee with the acq fee. The acq fee is charged by the financing company when doing a lease.

Acquisition fee is charged by the captive and is only applicable in a lease. As jon said, you might be confusing it with destination, which would apply to a new lease OR loan. The only time it wouldn’t, is if you are leasing a CPO/Demo/Service loaner from a dealer. Since the car was “purchased” once, it was included in the first sale.

In other words, if the car hasn’t been titled yet, you’re on the hook. If it has, you don’t have to pay. You would still pay the acquisition fee in either situation though if you lease

Thanks guys ! That clarifies whole lot, don’t like paying it, but I guess that’s how life is…