Question on new Volvo and a burning smell

Never had a Volvo before, just leased an S60, driven about 300 miles on it now. Have always noticed a sort of burning smell after I am done driving and exit the vehicle / turn it off, goes away after awhile. Emailed the dealer,who said it’s pretty normal first few hundred miles, B.S.?

(Burning smell in no way noticeable inside car during operation, only from outside next to car after it’s been driven for awhile, no lights, engine problem messages)

Does this help at all?

If it’s anything under the hood just be careful when opening the hood after a long drive.

You’re fine, new material components have to break in and will emit odor or sound…like that exhaust ping after you turn off the car that goes away after couple thousand miles.

You have warranty, its a lease so drive it and enjoy it. Once it stops you have road assistance. Stop worrying about such small things…

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Pretty sure it’s tires/brakes

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I agree. I just found it awesome that a Volvo dealer site had that page.

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I suspect excess engine paint and/or exhaust/brake break in. It’s not BS for the first few hundred miles. I’d get concerned if it continued over 1k though.

These cars are shipped 100s if not 1000s of miles. All the residual lubricants will emit a smell for a short period of time. Nothing new in the auto industry all new car do it to a certain extent.

I have a Volt, something is rubbing on the exhaust making it smell a little. I am trying to get them to recall that thing. It’s super annoying.

Flux Capacitor

Car is fine on electricity, it’s only on gas that it starts smelling