Question on lease return, pre inspection, and leasing new car while returning old lease

BTW I spend hours reading through a lot of lease stuff on here and google. Can’t seem to find the right answer to my questions. Hope someone can chime in to help.

I am returning my lease next month. I am doing a pre inspection July 14th, and maturity date is 15th, and I got 10 days to find a dealer that would take the car.

My main question is regarding pre inspection. Once the car is pre inspected and signed off. Am I liable once I drop or return the car? If they found something that the inspector missed, can I be charge for it? Or does the inspector cover my liability once I drop it off? If the inspector misses something, am I liable for it later? Or would the dealer or auction place be ok with the pre inspection paperwork? Inspection and return of the vehicle would basically be no more than 1 or 2 weeks apart, unless no dealer take the car and needed to be drove off or towed by Chrysler Capital, that would probably take a bit longer.

Car - 2017 Fiat Spider 124
Chrysler Capital Financing

Btw I read a few poster on here that have dealt with Chrysler Capital, are they tough with penalty?

2nd Question,
If I plan on leasing a car this month, will the dealer I lease with (let say Toyota) help take the car and would it help leverage my new lease and help me save more?

Thank in advance.

So just to clarify… you are doing the pre-inspection one day before it is to be turned in? The whole point of a pre-inspection is that you have the opportunity to fix any potential issues before lease turn-in. And you should already know where you want to turn it in or have appointments setup. Some dealers have been known to refuse to accept lease returns, and if that’s the case, you may need to call the lessor for alternatives.

There’s kinda two answers to this question.

If you were going to another fiat (and maybe chrysler in general), you’d be potentially be eligible for loyalty and get your disposition fee waived. They could possibly process the lease return as well.

If you’re going to a different brand, they would either need to buy out the lease, which is more likely to cost you a ton of money or they’d have to have an existing relationship with a chrysler dealer to handle the turn in, which is not going to save you any more over turning it in yourself.

It’s not a sign-off. Pre-inspections are done as a courtesy for the lessee, so they know what’s coming and can elect to either fix it themselves or be billed for it. Yes, you are still liable and there will be another inspection done after turn-in.

Yes, you are still responsible.

Inspector is not covering anything - you are still liable and it’s always possible the second inspection finds something the first missed

Thank you for clearing up my confusion. I can technically hold on to the car longer, but I am going to get it fix before the inspection anyways. Minor scuff and anything that isn’t consider wear and tear. My initial thought for inspection was to make sure the car is clean and nothing is wrong with it before I hand it over and it isn’t my responsibility.

The pre-inspection really is the opportunity for you to review any possible charges. The report then comes a few days after with estimated repair costs (it’s not on the spot). For example, some lessors waive up to $1k in wear/tear, some provide templates for you to assess your car against, etc. You will need to check your lease contract and also what the turn-in steps exactly are. Contact your lessor if there are questions, no need to waste time guessing. Good luck!

What I am afraid of is ex. My inspector see a small ding, say it is ok, just wear and tear, no cost. When the dealer get the car, they see the ding, and say this isn’t wear and tear and charge me $$ for it. My car been swiped and need some very minor fix, so I was going to get it fixed and get it inspected to make sure the dealer can’t write me up for things that should be consider wear and tear. With the inspection, I can have proof. Maybe I should call back and set an earlier inspection date, but that’s the latest they have during this covid time. Thanks for help, I appreciate it very much.

The dealer doesn’t hold your lease. Chrysler capital does. No dealer gives a s*** about your current lease and has nothing to do with it except to get you into a new lease.

You need to do the inspection earlier. A clean inspection report done within the Chrysler capital allowable timeframe (Which I’m sure is easily found in their lease return documentation) completely covers you.