Question on how taxes are applied


Have a question for Hackr experts. One of my nephews is looking at an lease on a STINGER (really bad bad idea but he is 26 and knows nothing but how fast the car is) and he got an quote from the dealer which seems to show some double dipping on the taxes and a very low pre-inc disc. In this case am i right to have him go back to the dealership and have them correct the application of the taxes (Massachussetts). They appear to have rolled in the $951.12 into the CAP cost and then again are using it to add to his monthly payment. Seems wrong and I had him call back and ask but i want to confirm here.

The taxes on this are the least of the problems. This deal is beyond horrible.

Stingers pretty much only make sense to lease if you’re going to buy it out immediately.

If he really wants a stinger, don’t lease it. Buy it, you’ll have a much more financially sound experience. Sounds like a full spec gt2?

For less than that he can get a BMW M340i which is better in every conceivable way.

I agree the deal is horrible…but have you ever tried to convince these millenials.

You could get a lot of cars, c43, M550xi, 8 series GC, M4, etc. @mariob33 tread lightly, I’m 17, a zoomer. Will agree some people are kinda erhhh…

I dont think someone who knows what “trunk money” & “chases wagons” qualifies as needing convincing :smile:

Sadly, I always try

I am trying to convince him to lease and immediately buy after first payment but the dealer contribution is weak on this one. Yes, its a nice looking car but really bad lease. The MF winds up somewhere in the 4.x% range which is ugly. However, the 24 month lease does get him ~10K in lease $$.

Consider Used?

32k for a 18 gt2 with 20k miles and a clean title / car fax / auto history.

At least you’re taking the right approach with the lease to buy strategy.

Gotta improve that dealer discount a lot though.

But how many quirks and features?

I’ll make you a 20 min video if you find me a ford gt and a 08 Rover.

Told him to shoot for 12% via email but he made the mistake of actually going to the dealer to negotiate. I know the 2019’s were heavily discounted but the dealer seemed to inidate that the best they would do on this one was the 6.5% current.

In typical LH fashion…no one answered the ? About the taxes lol!

I don’t think they’re actually doing anything funky with the taxes other than presenting it very very oddly.

When I put together a calculator, without know the dealer doc fees and such, I get pretty close without any weirdness

its a little strange as the dealer sent this back after inquiring as to why it was there twice. In this CASE the Adjusted Cap was reduced and the monthly tax amount was added in below. If you leave it in above it seems like its at least a little benefit in his favor (my nephew). The dealer and registration costs is the addl cap items.

Interesting… Those numbers about line up if we treat the incentives and untaxed.

yes its very strange. I can get it to this based off what he provided as ~costs on the dealer/reg fees.