Question on Honda Lease Offers

I see on the Honda website that they offer leasing deals on a Civic LX.

When I have the website estimate payments on a higher trim (such as the Sport or EX) they connect that LX leasing deal.

My question is, can I really get an LX named deal on a higher model?

No, the LX deal doesn’t apply to other trims.

More importantly, however, is that manufacture offered lease specials like these are rarely a good deal. They also include a lot of extra costs which aren’t show. Note the “excludes tax, title, license, and dealer fees” line.

Your best option is to forget you ever saw these and work the lease numbers based on the current lease programs and pre-incentive discounts reflective of other deals you find here.

Or go with one of the brokers here. I’m sure they can all beat these advertised lease specials by a lot.


Okay thanks.

My starting goal is 5% of MSRP total due at signing with payments around 1% of MSRP.

1% is a useless metric for if a deal is good or not. And why 5% down? You should pay as little upfront as possible.

5% total for the down, taxes, title, doc fee, etc.

Yah, don’t do that

Here’s the numbers dealers have been throwing at me lol

2020 Civic hatchback Sport manual
$500 down = $273
$1,000 down = $258
$1,500 down = $243

Here’s my advice to you:

Stop talking to dealers, stop looking at advertised specials, stop shopping.

Go and spend some time reading through the leasing 101 section of this site, ignoring the article that talks about the 1% rule or LH score.

After you’ve got a better understanding of all the pieces that go into structuring a lease deal, look up a bunch of civic deals and broker listings on here to get an idea of a strong target pre-incentive discount.

Then go to the edmunds lease forum and ask for mf/rv/incentives for the vehicle you’re looking for in your zip code.

Then, using all that, put together a target lease deal based on the competitive pre-incentive discount amounts you’ve researched.

That’ll let you know what the vehicle should lease for. Then, you’ll be well armed to approach several dealers near you to see who is willing to do the target deal you’re looking for.

Getting dealer numbers without knowing exactly what the car should cost first is just going to leave you overpaying.


Ok thank you

Last month couple of dealer offer me $195 - $210 for a 2020 Civic EX hatchback with $2k down or DAS. That includes everything like local Tax and fees. MSRP was $24580. I walk away and then with COVID locked down and people loosing jobs I loose interest in leasing
Any car for a moment now. So I think you can do better if you negotiate right.

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