Question on BMW X5M


I am currently in the market for either a BMW X5M or X7. I’m leaning more towards the X5M, but I’m going to be putting probably 20k mile per year on the car as a Daily. Would I be better off leasing or purchasing? I like the idea of not having to worry about the downside of the car resale value since I would like swap out of this car in 3 years.

I don’t think BMW do a 20k mile a year lease. 15k is the most, so you would have to buy extra miles each year. Purchase would be the only way forward for you, but I would look at used ones, because nothing depreciates faster than BMW M cars.

With lease prices so high, the extra mileage charges are now not such a bad deal. The problem I see is that if you drive 20K miles a year, you would be out of warranty for part of the last year.

15k rv + .3/mile, it’ll get expensive quick. For 20k/year on a 3 year, it’ll be 4,500 in pre-payment for that mileage.

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I would pass on the X5M daily. I had the SUV and the 840i coupe at the time. I wanted to downsize to just one car for a daily. The coupe wasn’t practical, and the miles per gallon in the X5M sucked over time.

You’re going to be paying close to $2k/month + upfront fees to lease a $100k+ X5M. Have you tested driven an X5M or an X7? They are two different SUVs.

If you drive more than 20k miles per year, I would not recommend leasing.

That’s gonna be an expensive car to drive 60k miles in 3 years. Gas mileage will be like 10 if you’re not babying it

To kinda paraphrase what others have said, you’ll be paying thru the nose either way, it doesn’t really matter whether you lease or finance.

Yeah I don’t understand how anyone can be cross-shopping these two.

Personally I wouldn’t drive anywhere near those miles on a stiff suspension.

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Why not a regular X5? Maybe a late model used one if you can get a deal…and are going to put so many miles on it…research a good local independent for when you need out of warranty service.

X5 m50i if you need the HP of a pseudo M.

523 vs 600 hp

Exactly what I was going to suggest, as a daily driver it will be infinitely more comfortable while giving you 95% of the real world performance of the M. Not to mention cheaper.