Question for Texas BMW Leasees in Reference to Personal Property Tax


I’m in Texas and got my Personal Property Tax (Ad Valorem Tax) bill from BMW Financial on my '20 BMW 330i and was surprised at the figure… ($1062.37). I’ve leased several Lexus cars in the past and never had a tax bill that high. For reference, I also lease a '19 Toyota Tundra and my 2020 tax bill on it was $211.62. The taxable value of the BMW is $41,749.00 and the Tundra is $29,210.00…therefore the BMW tax bill does not make sense when compared to the Tundra. I called BMW and they said call the tax office. I’ve tried calling the tax office on several occasions but can not get anyone to answer. So I figured I’d post it here for other Texas BMW leasees to chime in. Bottom line, does the BMW tax bill seem in line to other’s here in Texas?

Are you using these cars for business use? Otherwise, you should have filled out an affidavit for personal use at the time you signed the lease that exempts you from these taxes generally…

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They are for personal use. My house is being repainted now, so of course I can’t get to my file cabinet to look at my papers. US Bank is only charging the city tax. Which from what I understand, does not qualify for exemptions. But BMW Financial is charging County, County Lateral Road, School District, and City tax. As far as I know I should only be paying the city tax because the others are exempt. I think I remember signing the personal use form at signing. The finance person always asks about it.

It is Form 50-285.

Sewell gave me a flash drive with the docs on it. I just found it, and I signed that form at the dealership. I guess I need to take it to the tax office or should I call the dealer and ask if they filed it?

You can check with them, but sounds like something got lost in the shuffle.

I sent an email to my salesman to see if he can put me in contact with someone at the dealer that can handle it.

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Your contract should have the finance person’s info, you may want to reach out directly to them as the salesperson won’t even know what you are talking about in all likelihood.

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Didn’t you transfer out of that car when you got the X5?

I did transfer the 330, but in Texas, whoever’s name is on the car Jan 1 gets the tax bill for that year. I paid no personal property tax on the X5 for 2020 since I signed on that car March 31, 2020. I will be paying tax on the X5 next year. I found the waiver forms in the docs that I signed at the dealer, and it says if I receive an incorrect personal property tax bill to have the Lessor dispute the tax bill. So I’m starting that process.


Okay, that makes more sense! Since you have the waiver, it’s probably just a paperwork error and should be solved fairly easily!

I’ll post when it’s taken care of.

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