Question for long-time car leasing individuals - Recessions and leasing in 2008-2009

Being that we are roughly 10 years into a bull market/no recessions, I’m thinking ahead to what the next recession might look like from a leasing standpoint. Does any leasing consumer/dealer want to chime in on what they remember from lease cash vs purchase incentives, plus residuals/money factors, etc.? Trying to get an idea of how the market changed when consumer fear was high, yet auto makers still needed sales and how that effected lease pricing. I first leased soon after the recession when residuals and lease incentives were high, allowing for some attractive lease options. Specifically, any memories from 2008 and 2009 would be interesting to hear regarding the auto market financial dynamics.

I leased in 2006 before the recession
$89/m 36/12 Nissan Altima
$202/m 24/12 Infiniti FX35
And in 2007 purchased a Chrysler 300 for $17,777

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Wow - nice work! I thought my $125/m 24/12 Camry SE from the end of 2015 was good. Sounds like you found better deals pre-recession.

In 2016, I leased 320i for 150. No upfront payment…this was in the bull market

The American manufacturers virtually stopped leasing during the recession. This may have been due to 2 of them going bankrupt.

Wow - that would put a wrench in hackr deals. No lease offers period.

leasing is dependent on financing. the past recession was caused by a houseload of bad loans and causes all financing to dry up.