Question after Spot delivery

We leased a orange 2018 BMW 330e with M sport package on April 27, 2019 from BMW of San Francisco with VIN#: WBA8E1C59JA762799

Dealer called us back on May 2, saying BMWFS wont allow me to lease 2 cars from them (Im currenlty leasing 4 cars under my name, since all of my relatives have no credit). Good thing is they came all the way to Sacramento area to pick up the car, dont need the drive it back.

Question is, Since the title application was filed to DMV and we signed the transfer of title form. Is the dealer legal to sell this car as “NEW CAR” again? and will this car qualify for lease support? (car has around approximately 300-500 miles on it). Trying to find another co-signer for us. Please help and advise:> THANKS!

Car is currently listed as NEW vehicle on their website:

The question should be about straw purchase, not spot delivery.


I agree with @Ursus… LOLOLOL

Forgot to mentioned, my relatives are also on the loan as cosigner:>

I would have a hard time co signing for a relative or close friend…one miss payment and it’s on you!!

Why don’t you ask the dealer? I’m sure they want the deal to go through too.

Why do that when you can ask a bunch of unknowns online, who don’t know the entire story.

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